Watchtower rips off Disney

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  • BluesBrother

    No doubt this point has been made before but I see no harm in emphasising it. My family heard on the grapevine that "The Society" had people who used to animate for Disney. Well , if that is true , it certainly shows. Compare the faces of Disney's character Moana :

    with the much loved Sophia :

    The same large eyes, cute little turned up nose, innocent smile..They sure know how to do it, don't they?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Well if truth doesn't work any longer then cuteness might bring in the punters!

  • _Morpheus

    Uhm.... i hate to douse this thread but moana came out in 2016. Caleb and sofia were well before that....

    however it does highlight something worth noting. Animators have long been immitating mammals distinct features when newborn. Large round eyes are one of those characteristics and it promites feelings of maternal or paternal care in adults and feelings of friendship in children. Its become very common for animators to use those exaggerated features as a subtle que to make the characters appear more friendly. The “world” has been doing it large scale for 15 or 20 years, its no supprise the wt is using the technique as well.

  • steve2

    Styles of animation come and go. The official Mormon website started using animation well before and some posters here have drawn attention to certain copycat features.

    in the world of animation, as in music, there's a very thin line between plagiarism and flattery.

  • stuckinarut2

    Unlike Sophia and Caleb and their parents the Disney characters are not judgemental bigoted homophobic and arrogant gits who longingly desire to see 99.9% of the population destroyed.....

  • Simon

    It just looks like every one of thousands "cutesy" cartoon style caricatures often used in animated kids stories and books. There's definitely styles that go in and out of vogue and it's hard to be truly unique without taking hallucinogenic drugs (c'mon, that has to explain Telly Tubbies!)

    At some point, they'll have bible characters as Marvel-styled super-hero's (if they haven't already done that).

  • sparrowdown

    Actualy Moana looks more warm and life-like while Sophia looks like most JWs - cold, flat and one dimensional.

  • BluesBrother

    I take the point that styles of animation are generic .......but they are certainly " making use of the world" to the full. Maybe they remember Jesus' words to "make friends fo yourself by unrighteous riches" ?

    I guess what tees me off with these videos is the way that adult dubs fawn over them , I mean they may be o k for kids if the message is just scriptural or moral but grown men " loving " Sophia is just weird! .

    I saw one of these played in public talk in support of creation , thus reducing the power of God to the level of a kiddie's story........

  • steve2

    A while ago, someone on this forum posted pictures of the LDS equivalents of JW organization's Sophia and Caleb. They were virtually interchangeable in appearances.

    I wished that thread would come up because the similarities were uncanny.

    I recall a poster or two suggested websites often purchase the services of a company whose expertise is in design and planning so that similarities between organizations reflect the design company and not necessarily the organizations who hire it. Kind of like a design-and-planning "calling card".

    Regarding Moana's countenance versus Sophia's: Moana's eyebrows are broader and her smile wider - little wonder she is perceived to be warmer looking that her JW counterpart. The designers got that part right.

  • Chook

    Actually the bible would make for a thrilling cartoon series, enough blood and guts plenty of sex , magicians and talking animals ( donkey and snake ), raptures and different levels according to your rank. If anyone on here creates this series, we on here could help narrate and plot this blockbuster, just share the royalties. I honestly think it would bode well for us all on here who have better computing skills than me to get on board and someone create a animated series.

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