Great Sell-Off is for the Expansion Work in Africa

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  • HiddenPimo

    They say this sell off is for the need to build more KH. However the branch accounting video that was leaked shows otherwise.

    Is there a way to find out how many halls are constructed in Africa and other places to show the money trail is to pay for Child Abuse cases and not new halls.?


  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    oh yes, millions of $$$$ are necessary to build Kingdom Halls like this one..

  • nowwhat?

    Even if they built a hundred new halls in Africa, we are talking basic structures with no HVAC . no sound system etc. Maybe $25,000 in building materials at the most?

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    $25,000????? LOL

    My garden shed is more substantial than this KH - and my shed cost less than $1000!!!!!!!!

  • HiddenPimo

    250,000 more publishers a year (Per Statistics provided by Borg)

    / 100 per hall = 2,500 new congregations needed / 3 per KH = 833 New Buildings but lets say 1,000 for good measure.

    We know NEW halls are not being added in the 1st world countries so costs must be a minimum.

    I remember a video in the early 2000's indicating they could build a new hall for 10,000 but lets say 25,000 for good measure.

    2.5 Million a year to build needed KH - Seems very light compared to money rolling in...

  • Atlantis

    Morris spent more on liquor than what some of these Kingdom Halls are worth.

  • HiddenPimo

    Thank you Atlantis!

    So you are saying we should now go by Scotch for currency? I like that idea :-)

    some of those pictures look like they are worth about 6 bottles of 18 year...

  • Vidiot
    "...Great sell-off is for the expansion work in Africa..."

    This subject actually came up with my elderly JW mom just last weekend.

    She was proudly mentioning the efforts she and her friends make saving bottles to cash in and help pay the utilities for their KH, and I asked her why the Organization doesn't help with that.

    She said they're not rich.

    I told her that they'd sold off the Brooklyn properties.

    She said the money was used to buy the Warwick property.

    I told her the Warwick property cost over 11 million, but the Org netted over 3 billion (with a b) from the Brooklyn sales, plus they'd sold off dozens of branch offices overseas.

    She said the rest was used to support the work in developing countries (presumably building gazebo-slash-mudhut KHs that somehow cost more than 50 bucks and and handful of local elbow grease).

    At this point, my daughter said that the Org was probably going bankrupt, but my Mom was too deaf to hear, and the conversation kind of ended then.

    We do have it on pretty solid authority that the WT has numbered accounts in banks in the Caymans (that would be the same Caymans that are used for tax havens and laundering by crooked politicians, mobsters, and billionaires, I might add), so I'm pretty sure that a significant chuck of change is squirrelled away there, and probably Switzerland, too.

    Plus, there's the Rising Tide of legal troubles that are happening... well... fucking everywhere, holy shit.

    Terry recently posted about a conversation he'd had with a high-level church attorney who told him that at a certain point (in every instance... not just most... every instance), virtually all the donations end up going towards lawyer fees...

    ...that the ministry ultimately morphs into a revenue machine specifically designed pay preachers' legal bills.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    The elephant in the room (not in the African KH's - too small!) is this:

    Why isn't the org bombarding JW's with wonderful videos of all the new K.H.'s that are allegedly being built for "poor brothers"?

  • HiddenPimo

    Very good point Fall Guy! They never share the stuff that they cannot spin to good propaganda...

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