I hate the world today.

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  • minimus

    "The world is passing away and so is its desires but he that does the will of God remains forever."

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Viv, my wife's aunt (not witnesses) was buried a few days ago, and the youngest son inherited the house. In the will, it states that the daughter must leave the house in 30 days! This son is so iiresponsible it's pathetic. This young man will be living alone while he throws his his sister out on the street. Stories of this nature never cease to end. I'm glad to hear that your friend made your day.

    Guest 77

  • drwtsn32


    Sorry to hear about the 'wonderful' family meeting you had yesterday. Sometimes family members can really suck.

  • lawrence

    Viv- I watched my family descend on my grandparent's house to rape and pillage before the body was in the grave. I had become a Witness and they couldn't handle me not saying Kaddish for my grandfather, who I loved very much - he was the first draft dodger I knew, he left Russia rather than kill the Czar's enemies. Kaddish cleansed their skins, so they could operate as usual within them. A few years ago I made peace with them, and though it took time - I found, time does heal things. Would they be any different today, those that are living ... no. But that's okay, I listen to Coltrane every morning, and Jorma sing, "The sun gonna shine in my backyard some day," and I add, "Today!" May the sun shine in your life today and tomorrow and forever more. peace and blessings, lawrence

  • Vivamus

    Thanx for your replys. You guys are so sweet. Everytime I come here to whine, you all just manage to make me smile again.

    Lawrence, that was beautiful, thank you. I'm glad you made peace with your family again.

    Peace to you all.


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