The Watchtower—Study Edition | November 2021

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    The Watchtower—Study Edition | November 2021

    Ruth pleading with Naomi on the road to Israel as Orpah walks back to Moab.

    13. How did prayer help one family who were unjustly treated?

    13 Consider the experience of a sister named Vero, who lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Vero, her unbelieving husband, and their 15-year-old daughter had to flee their village when it was attacked by a militia group. Along the way, the family came to a roadblock where the militia detained them and threatened to execute them. When Vero began to cry, her daughter tried to calm her by praying out loud and by repeatedly using Jehovah’s name in her prayer. When she finished, the commander of the militia group asked, “Young girl, who taught you to pray?” She replied, “My mother did, using the pattern that is found at Matthew 6:9-13.” The commander said, “Young girl, go with your parents in peace, and may Jehovah your God protect you!”

    This study article is all about how Jehovah helps those who show faith in him. Faith in Jehovah overcomes obstacles, injustice, great storms and how Jehovah helps materially with those in need.

    Paragraph 13 is just another made-up experience that the Society loves to shove onto their faithful followers. A sister named Vero ( no last name ) who lives in Congo ( no village name ) is detained by a militia ( no name of militia ) and are threatened with execution. When Vero's daughter prays out loud to Jehovah, the commander is so moved he say's the following, “Young girl, go with your parents in peace, and may Jehovah your God protect you!”

    In the mean time, Jehovah has a tough time helping brothers and sisters in Russia.

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    OCTOBER 5, 2021

    Brotherly Advice Strengthens Brother Vitaliy Omelchenko to Cope With Persecution

    OCTOBER 10, 2021

    Russian Officers Assault Two Married Couples

    OCTOBER 21, 2021

    Joyful Despite Extended Detention and House Arrest in Russia

  • hoser

    Did this actually happen? More manipulation by fear. Propaganda at its finest.

  • truth_b_known

    Prayer asking for an outcome is pointless.

    One pair of helping hands is worth more than millions of hands clasped in prayer.

  • EverApostate

    Somebody resurrected someone somewhere, sometime ago and somebody were eyewitness to those accounts but none are identifiable and eligible to be cross checked. But anyway everybody has to believe this, else Eternal punishment.

    This is the core concept of religions. Fair Enough to believe

  • FedUpJW

    And pity that 15 year old girl if she were victimized by an eldurr sexually molesting her. All the prayer in the world would not help her!

    Sorry b--tards!



    How Strong Will Your Faith Be?

  • truth_b_known
    Paragraph 13 is found on :
    How Strong Will Your Faith Be?

    I think it is better is more accurate for the Watchtower to use the word "belief" instead of "faith". Faith is the letting go of preconceptions and accepting facts as you experience them. Belief is an idea you cling to, protect from facts, refuse to listen to anything that might prove the idea false.

    "How Strong Will Your Belief Be?" seems to make more sense and is intellectually honest.

  • Konagirl

    "When Vero began to cry, her daughter tried to calm her by praying out loud and by repeatedly using Jehovah’s name in her prayer."

    It’s as if the word, the letters together and how they roll off the tongue, is a talisman to JWs, and practicing this is how they come to “know” God. I fell into that same trap, and I was happy to use that name which segregated me from anyone else in the world, or so I thought. I used it when first studying to ward of the “evil spirits”, as I was told to.

    But something clicked when I was disfellowshipped for speaking against lies, and supporting the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus said, They will [b]ban (“excommunicate”) you from the synagogue, (“congregation”) yet an hour is coming for everyone who kills you to think that he is offering a [c]service (“act of worship”) to God. 3 These things they will do because they have not known the Father nor Me.” John 16:2,3

    Watchtower’s disfellowshipping marks a person as good as dead – spiritually dead. (Rev 13:15) When we drop the talisman, and we endeavor to really know the Father and the Son, we are rejected by our own “people”; humiliated and slandered for our testimony to Christ’s truth, just as Jesus was. (Matt 5:10-12; Heb 13:13; 2 Tim 3:12)

    And as painful as it can be, it is a good thing. (Matt 19:29; Luke 9:25,26; Phil 1:21)

  • asp59

    Ok they reprinting old magazin. I remember this experience from a Watchtower in the 80s.

  • WTWizard

    And, with the energy wasted in protecting someone that is subverting the community by spreading that book of lies through it, why couldn't that abomination of a god they slave for have put a stop to all those suffering because of mandatory vaccinations for a "disease" that is about as painful and miserable as a simple bee sting? Even if not through the governments, at least they could have pushed a ban on this worthless vaccination as a religious ban, creating religious exemptions. But no, joke-hova decided to protect someone that continues subverting the community, who may or may not be vaccinated today (or even any more real than that fictitious entity of a "savior" they have in jesus).

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