Regarding Correct Understanding of Bible Prophecies Have JWs EVER Been Right?

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  • blondie

    They may have been right once when they said the superior authorities were the secular goverments up till 1929, then changed it to God and Jesus then, and then back to the secular governments in 1962.

    Could have been wrong altogether, with a third opinion being correct though.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Yes indeed and its the one i liked the most:

    1st place: Jehovah will never destroy the planet earth, because he loves the planet earth. He is goodhearted. Check, Best prophecy of Jehovahs witness , It will 100% come true, they are right.

    Contrary:Together with this message they want you to buy:

    An angry Jehovah without any last resort will weeping annihilate all evildoers as , the human world (not the planet) note: not to be called the old order but old world, leaving only faithful JW as remnant.

  • Phizzy

    Apologies Min, I simply do not have the time to read the Thread, but juat a response to your question i.e "Regarding Bible Prophecy.............".

    The Bible has not got one Prophecy that was ever fulfilled in the terms it was written.

    Yes, you can use eisegesis and read in to texts any sort of nonsense you want, especially with the JW method of " greater fulfillment", but show me ONE true prophecy, i.e written before the event, that the Bible got right.(Nearly all the seeming "prophecies" were written AFTER the event !)

    After having said that, the JW efforts seem pointless, but they are also, as your question makes plain, incredibly inept at trying to make Bible nonsense predict what the JW's think will happen. They are as clueless as the original Bible writers.

  • Saename

    They claimed God's Kingdom would come to earth in 1914. Then after 1914 they claimed Satan was thrown out of heaven and hurled down to earth.

    Sooo.... do "post-hoc predictions" count, haha? :D I mean, after all, there was World War I, haha :D

  • minimus

    Poor JWS! So embarrassing to enjoy a life of ignorance.

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