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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Agree with ToesUp's assessment.

    Some (the majority) are legends in their own minds - again, agree. I also think that some elders are legends in the minds of some sweet, elderly JWs (you know the sort - genuinely nice genuine belivers).

  • Tallon

    Hi Folks.

    I'm a newbie to the forum and this is my first posting.

    Whilst I agree that a number of Elders motives are questionable, and believe me I have come across this type on many occasion over the years, I'd like to come to the defence of the minority of current / former Elders who are / were genuine, merciful, and tried to do the right thing. Sadly those Elders are few and far between.

    PS; I was never an Elder however I was an MS for about 7 years.

  • ToesUp



    You are correct there are some (minority) Elders who are genuine, merciful and try to do the right thing. My question is....we are supposed to a unified people. Why are the Elders not unified? I was raised by 2 loving parents. My father was an Elder my entire life. He used to come home angry from many Elders meetings because he was one of the "good guys". Merciful and kind. He did not always agree with the decisions other elders made. Scenario#1. So if you are on a committee with 3 elders present and one is merciful and the other 2 are not. What is the outcome? Typically the 2 over rule the 1. Now scenario # 2, you are on a committee with 2 merciful elders and 1 ass. What is the outcome on that scenario? So one person gets DF'd because he had 2 asses on his committee and the other guy gets shown mercy because he had 2 of the good guys on his team. My point....where is the unity? It is all in who is making the decision. Again...where is the unified brotherhood? These decisions have very deep impact on peoples lives and are not to be taken lightly. It impacts the person, his or her family and friends and sometimes the persons way of making a living. Bottom line....imperfect. un-unified men should not be holding a persons life in there hands. Never should men be put in a position to judge another man (not speaking of crimes here, imperfect sin). I have witnessed countless times someone getting DF'd for what I would consider a minor offense while someone else commits a much greater offense and receives a slap on the wrist. If there is a God, why don't we leave the judging to him?

    We have experienced Elders who have committed sins while sitting on judicial committees, all the while judging others for their sins when they themselves are doing the exact same thing. It is drilled into our brains from infancy that these men are "stars in Jesus hands, princes, a port in a storm, a shepherd". They are touted to be chosen by holy spirit. Where is the holy spirit when these guys are sitting across from you and judging you and they are committing the same sin as you? I don't buy the imperfect man defense. It does not hold water for me. You can't have it both ways..."well we are fine shepherds BUT (BIG BUT HERE) LOL.....we are imperfect men."

    The seriousness of the long term impact on peoples lives are what is at stake here. How can you in good conscience DF someone in the congregation and then that person is so distraught they commit suicide. How can you as a man and a Christian live with that? Your decision had a devastating impact on the outcome of that persons life and his family. If you can live with that then I seriously question all that I have been taught. This is one of the many reasons me and my immediate family are no longer associating the JW religion. Too much..."do as we say, not as we do."

  • Tallon

    Hello ToesUp

    Thanks for the welcome, really appreciate it.

    You have very valid points. Truth is, I have no answer to your post. As you say, these judicial committees are very serious business and these Elders do literally have people's lives in their hands. Sadly, some people who were disfellowshipped couldn't handle the rejection from family and friends and ended their lives. I, too, am aware of a couple of Elders who lead double lives - committing sins whilst at the same time 'lording and judging' over others.

    I'm just glad that I woke up and got out of there. Here's hoping that many more will get out, and quick.

  • ToesUp

    Enjoy your freedom Tallon and welcome!

  • Vidiot

    Like these guys, but a lot less badass...

  • lynsherm

    Has anyone investigated the board of directors at the Watchtower Pennsylvania office???? I think it is the head of the snake so to speak.

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