The wt has now changed Jesus definition of neighboor

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  • konceptual99

    lanalonger - In line with sir82's post can I ask you to read an old thread of mine and comment?

    At the risk of being accused of blatant self promotion I would ask you to consider if the seemingly deliberate inefficiency of the preaching work actually calls into question if Jehovah meets his own recommendations for neighbourly love?


  • lanalonger

    Digging for diamonds in that state park in Arkansas is pretty inefficient too. People still do it, indicating they must really be interested in diamonds.

  • TheListener

    Boy we're getting off topic now but in line with Sir82 and Konceptual I always wondered if the point of the ministry was really to preach the good news to everyone as good as could be done then why didn't all publishers get to attend the pioneer school and get the special pioneer school book?

    Why only release new publications at conventions so that some territories have the newest and bestest information months and months before other territories? It always seemed to me that the new publications should be released as soon as they're available as fast as possible.

    And one last thing, why don't the magazines look professional? They never looked really really great before but now they're really cheap and high school presentation-ish. It's like they use powerpoint instead of some super fancy publishing software.

  • TheListener
    Oh I know, I know - worldly publishing companies have been saying for years that they wish their magazines were written as well and looked as good at the WT and AW. :)
  • JWdaughter

    • lanalonger
      What would the world be like if everyone applied the words of the lesson, Jesus' counsel to love one's neighbor?

      Super, but if they applied it the way the WT did, there would still be no clean water or food for many. They'd get no education to apply modern medical techniques, hygiene, engineering, transportation, etc.
  • poopie
    Let's settle call bethel and ask them does neighboor apply to All humans or most humans which is it because if it's all the df people should not be shunned bt those who say they follow christ
  • wallsofjericho

    Lana longer, your missing the point

    Read island man's post. .. he nailed it

    The point is the WTS doesn't say anyone that needs our help. They said anyone we meet in the ministry. It's not about them, it's about YOU.... that is YOU being in the ministry and not off doing some other good deed

    This is typical of the WTs. And your falling right in line Lana

    The wts didn't say everyone YOU did. They didn't say NOT everyone, they weighted the intent toward the thing they want. Then they let the dubs put up their hands and say "everyone"

    But when it comes time for counsel they'll show you what it really says, get out preaching

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