Overweight Jehovah’s Witnesses

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  • luckynedpepper
    He then went on, again in excruciating detail, about how the Bible describes "drunkenness". IIRC, it was a bunch of stuff from Proverbs about "staggering around" and "eyes seeing strange things".

    I was at that School. Our instructor asked if a person blew a 0.08 in a traffic stop was is matter for a JC. Answer was the same; we are only interested in the biblical definition, not (in this case) a legal one.

  • just fine
    just fine

    When I was in 20 plus years ago, most in our congregation were not obese. We were all active and did things together that constituted exercise. There were a couple who would be considered overweight but not obese.

    The last time I was “home” I couldn’t believe how much weight people were carrying on their former svelte frames. Most were on some sort of anti depressants that caused them to gain weight. Others were just depressed and ate their feelings. It’s sad really.

  • minimus

    Since walking from house to house is pretty much abandoned, Witnesses get no more exercise.

  • Simon
    some people do overeat and they aren’t obese

    I don't think they overeat then. It's all about how much you eat, what you eat and your energy expenditure. If you have a tough physical job then you need way more calories.

    We had some real fatty-bum-bums in our hall, for some reason the "obesity" bits of the bible were never a focus.

  • minimus

    Still I know of men and women that have voracious appetites and you wonder where they put it all and still remain in good condition. I know someone who only eats good nutritious food and does not overeat and works and typically puts in 15000 steps a day and is still overweight!

  • zachias

    Thyroids or no one thing that always stood out at any convention was all the overweight people.

  • minimus

    Z, but they weren’t gluttonous, just overweight.

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