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  • Issa

    Good evening everyone, I go by Issa. As many former ex-witnesses, I "woke up" from believing that the Jw org is the "Truth". This happened during this month thanks to information from Jw-Facts and YouTube videos about ex-witnesses' experience in this org. Here's my experience and I hope people in this community can relate and help me out sort matters out.

    I 'grew up' in this org unintentionally. My mother had studied with a witness. My father had Witnesses parents. As much as they could implore teaching them about the Bible and encouraging them to dedicate their life to Jehovah (or WT), all are either expelled or former witnesses. My dad never baptized, but studied with a witness. I studied with my mother's teacher. For being treated like a mini adult as a kid (afterall, she admitted treating me and my sister like adults in our bible studies), I was taught to believe and live the doctrines of the WT society. My teacher, I'll say this now, was the cause of my trauma as a teen. I didn't pay much attention to the "Great Tribulation", 1914, Armageddon, and the usual fears that the WT implore in their publications. My teacher had good intent to teach me to love Jehovah and imitate Jesus, but she just implored this fear of obligation to live by WT rules (afterall, it's Jehovah's 'nation'). But really, there's so many inconsistencies in the publications that made me question along the way as I was reading. I knew there was something wrong with how this org goes on to say about the end of the world. I never got the whole thing about 1914, let alone 1918 or 1919. My tecaher (she's the first of my series of switching with other teachers) never teached me about 1975. I've only heard about it during (yes, I think you have a hunch) the RC "Don't give up!". Yes, that's the only first occasion I heard about the prophecy of 1975. I've always had a feeling in my gut that something felt wrong, out of place. From trying to answer my own questions to trying to grasping the fact that I been lied too my entire life. I've always found conflicting that Jehovah was going to kill everyone else in Armageddon except the Jws. I've always had these nightmares during my third year of Junior high about the Great Tribulation, my family drying, fire and destruction everyone. And when I told my mother and sisters how I felt (God forbid I told my father), they simply said I was paranoid, brainwashed by my teacher. On the side note, she was the one that explained how the world was going to end and how Jws were going to be persecuted and put into concentration camps during the Great Tribulation.

    I'm so relieved to be free. For once I could stop fearing, use my critical thinking, question what I believe, and knowing that I'm not thw only one. I recently left the organization, ans I'm trying to sort evidence to show to my family. My sister is in this situation and I want to convince her that she shouldn't feel guilty for what she is. Like her, my family is believing that the WT is God's organization. Thank you for reading my experience. My concer is how I want to make it clear that I want to resign from the org. I'm baptized (coerced by my first bible teacher). Haha, during our review of the baptism questions, she said I wasn't ready to become a witness. And yeah, I never felt the desire to be baptized as long as I doubted in what I believed of this org.

  • shepherdless

    Welcome Issa

    firstly, congratulations on "waking up" at (I presume) a very young age. You have overcome one of life's more difficult challenges (escaping a high control indoctrinating group), which is a challenge that many fail, and many more do not understand, because they have never been in that situation.

    In relation to trying to explain it to your family, it sounds like they are only half in. I would tread carefully, trying to introduce one bit of info at a time, perhaps saying that you discovered that the org is not what it appears to be, and leading into a few topics like that. From reading other posts, what causes people to wake varies, but the 607 vs 587 thing is probably the most common. Also, bear in mind that you can't wake someone; they have to want to wake up themselves, so be prepared to be disappointed. Other than that, I am sure someone will be along soon with some better advice.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Hearing about another "Waking Up" to the WTBorg Inc. fear mongering is truly Good News!!

  • ironsnake656

    Welcome Issa!! It is good to hear that you are waking up from the "truth", and your story is very interesting. As Sheperdless commented, you need to take time, don't rush in give or introduce a lot of info, since this will be perceived negatively by your family. Try to do more research and get knowledge in order to explain with reasoning to your family your point of views.

  • smiddy

    Welcome Issa , I see you have only joined a few hours ago and you are already interacting with other posters ,thats great.

    You also say you have only woken up to the fact that the JW`s are not the truth , so dont rush things you have plenty of time to catch up on a lot of information on here and JW facts that you say you have looked at.

    Take things slowly at first and gain a lot more background info on the religion that I bet you didnt know about.

    They have a lot more failed prophecys apart from 1975 as an example

    I look forward to hearing more from you in the future

    Well done on waking up.

  • Chook

    Welcome Issa, from now on you can look at the org from outside in. You can ask family though provoking questions but remember to act innocent. Their witch hunts are real so tread lightly if you are still at home. We look forward for updates on your endeavour to slip out and hopefully save some others.

    cheers chook

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Welcome Issa, both to this site and the real world!

    You can give yourself a big pat on the back for waking up from the Watchtower deception and having the courage to do something about it. Very well done!

  • punkofnice

    Welcome to reality Issa.

    Now you can pursue your dreams!

  • Phoebe

    Hello Issa,

    I only recently left, too - only I wasted my entire life on it - but luckily, you haven't.

    Everyone on this forum helped me so much and I know they'll help you, too.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Welcome ISSA,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. As humans, we are always inquisitive about what is true and what is false. We can sense when things don't sound right. The Society has fallen into the same trap as the Pharisees of Jesus day by making up endless rules. On top of that, they complicated the word of God with interpretations that simply don't make sense. A mixture of truth and falsehood.

    Eg rev 5:10 says the holy ones will rule OVER the earth in the NWT. Something I could never get my head around ie how can you rule the nation's from the sky and invisibly?

    Yet pretty much every other Bible says UPON the earth or ON the earth. Now that makes sense and ties in perfectly with the prophecies of the Hebrew scriptures such as Daniel, Isaiah, Psalms

    All the best to you in your own spiritual journey

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