Watchtower Policy Claims Another Teenager

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  • Simon

    Every time some dumb celebrity gets on their hobby horse about parental rights and vaccinations it contributes to situations like this. At some point, when the medical opinion is clear, the rights of the parents should take a back seat.

    There needs to be a procedure to check the claimed beliefs of the child outside of the influence of the parents and the church leadership.

    Last time I was in a children's hospital (with one of our kids) we ended up speaking to the consultant about this very thing - how as a kid you were brought up and coached on these situations in advance and had it ingrained how you had to respond to make it look like your own decision but what would happen to you if you let people down. They were quite surprised but seemed to recognize that it fit in with their side of experiences they had with JWs.

    She'd been involved in cases where they had eventually got court orders to take it out of the parents hands and we explained that while many JW parents would protest that because they were pressured to they would be really secretly glad of it happening. She actually thanked us for explaining that - I can imagine the conflict that the medical staff must feel being told they would be doing "the equivalent of 'raping' a child" when they are simply trying to save their life and have dedicated their careers to helping sick children.

    We need a network of educated and informed people who can provide guidance on what to ask and how to strip away the rehearsed and practiced answers to determine whether the beliefs are truly deeply held convictions or just a child's natural desire to please their parents.

  • Diogenesister

    I am so raaaaagingly angry at this story fuck fuck fuckety fuck fuck shiit

    This rings all my bells sooo much, it could be my story they prey on the vulnerable I am seething😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😖😖😱😨😭😭😪😥

  • Diogenesister
    I will post later when I have calmed down 😥
  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder
    We know what needs to be done. It takes time and resources and we have very limited amounts of both.
  • Magnum

    This boy couldn't have understood JW doctrine; most adult JWs don't. The article indicates he had a "worldly" girlfriend, so was he really a strong JW? He was probably read Acts 15:29 and has no clue that the issue is not black-and-white as most JWs think it is.

    Chances are that if he had lived a little longer, he would have renounced JWdom, but he didn't get that chance.

    Within hours, Mincin signed a form to donate Dennis’s blue eyes. She spoke with someone at a funeral home about having him cremated. At Dennis’s request, she and her daughters would climb Sauk Mountain to scatter his ashes.

    “A life was extinguished,” the ethicist told me when we met at the Starbucks at Children’s. For him that was the bottom line: A kid died when he didn’t have to.

    So the spirit behind the JW blood doctrine is respect for life? They let people die because they think life is sacred? That doesn't make sense. They say blood is a symbol of life, so it shouldn't be used to save life. Since when did a symbol become more important than that which it symbolizes?

    The boy's JW guardian, a few years after his death, lamented the fact that it seemed that everybody had forgotten about him and the stand he took. She said that he wasn't even mentioned in JW literature. That indicates to me that she was hoping an article would be printed about him in one of the mags. I wonder whether she wanted the fame/attention or she genuinely was concerned about the boy.

    Anyway, I don't think there will be articles like that anymore because I think the org is trying to get away from the issue. I think it wants to distance itself from the blood doctrine and cases like the one mentioned in this article.

  • Crazyguy
    The article stated that hemoglobin was synthetic, I don't think this is correct, I think it's actually a blood component so what the child first was given was actually blood, Lee please advise is my thinking correct?
  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    This is such a tragedy. Every time I let myself read of another one of these preventable deaths troubling ghosts of my past are resurrected.

    Watchtower's governing body membership is guilty of crimes against humanity insofar as I'm concerned. They let youths like this go to their graves prematurely over a doctrinal position they are absolutely UNWILLING to stand up and answer for down in the details where it matters. It's disgusting. They are disgusting!

  • cappytan

    I wish we could form an Apostate Hospital Liaison Committee to educate doctors about how to reason with JW's. Assure them that it's usually a matter of peer pressure.

    Show them how to combat the doctrine with scriptures. (The whole illustration of the shepherd saving the lamb on the sabbath. Death penalty offense, yet Jesus approved because life is more important.)

    If the Apostate HLC even prevents one needless death with their efforts, wouldn't it be worth it?

    A noble idea. However, it takes time and resources.

  • Crazyguy
    Let do it sign me up!
  • cappytan

    It would have to be titled something different than "apostate."

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