2022-01-16--COVID-19 Test Kits!

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  • under the radar
    under the radar

    I can hear it now...

    "Jehovah's organization has lovingly arranged to provide these kits to help you and your family stay healthy and active in serving Kingdom interests. There is a suggested donation of what you would have paid for these kits if you bought them yourself. May we count on you to honor Jehovah with your unrighteous riches?"

  • FedUpJW

    I can hear it now..."Jehovah's organization has lovingly arranged to provide these kits..."

    That isn't so far fetched. A shirttail relative who is PIMI has three family members who think they might have contracted COVID. They have been sick for over a week, and they refuse to go to a medical facility to get tested, or to purchase an at home test kit. Their reply when asked why was, "We are waiting for the ones that the society is providing. We ordered them just a few days ago from the link in the email we got Tuesday night."

    One just cannot make up the level of idiocy that is infecting so many in the JW's these days.

  • hoser

    By the time they get the test kits they will have recovered or not.

  • dozy

    "Please reach out to your local elders for assistance"

    Good luck with that one. "Keep warm and well fed and get lost" would be the traditional response.

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