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  • leavingeverythingbehind

    I really like your user namn @Iown Mylife, makes me smile. 😉

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Welcome LETB!! Always happy to have people join my camp (non-JW). I agree 100% regarding young people leaving. They are the ones the we should be the most concerned about. It's unfair and cruel to rob them of their time, goals, dreams; their entire life.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    LEB I share your delight in the idea of studying epistemology. If only the leaders of the JW religion understood its meaning, they would have to pack their bags, dissolve the corporation and remove their nasty stain from the world.

    But a serious question; can you say what constitutes scientific epistemology?

  • leavingeverythingbehind

    @Half banana The more precise content of the class is "epistemology and the theory of science" sort of, which focuses on fundamental knowledge and insights on terms and theories within the domain of epistemology itself and also when it comes to the research process within the realms of theory of science. If that makes any sense after my effort to translate it, based on my own, yet quite vague knowlege in area.. ;-)

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