Why I hate The Tooth Fairy

by Valis 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • TruckerGB

    If you get the gorgeous catholic schoolgirl to jump on your foot,the pain from that will take your mind off your tooth.

    Just trying to be helpfull,


  • Valis

    Oi! Spanner...are you baiting me? *LOL*

    Trucker me old fruit...how are you? Getting dam near too hot to ride today...103 in the shade. It's like driving in a big convection oven...*LOL* Hope all is well.


    District Overbeer

  • smack

    I hate her too, I got 3 kids, little buggers drop teeth like gum trees drop branches. Going rate is $2 a tooth or $5 for a molar!

    And the bint never visited me growing up a dub! Her and bloody santa! Where's me bike!


  • Simon

    eek, sounds nasty valis !

    I once had a very painful extraction where the tooth broke and they needed to take some bone out too. Hurt like absolute hell and I thought my jaw was going to come off when they were tugging on it.

    I wouldn't fancy a dentistry school - you are a braver man than me !

  • Valis

    Oi Simon...I really don't fancy the dental college either, but they are the best in Texas and it doesn't help that my college doesn't provide part time faculty w/insurance. Ugh...Have a good day everyone...


    District Overbeer of the "Mole in my molar" class


    Valis: you're looking at him!

    Yup, that's me, the dentally challenged Canuck.

    I've had several teeth removed, and I keep fearing my ascention to HOCKEY TEETH.

    I have my wisdom teeth: most teeth near them, removed. I lost 2 of my bicuspids, several molars.

    Takes me a millenium to eat supper. Thank god for soup.

    Toothaches and any dental surgery is no party, and Valis: I feel for ya, I really do. The oil of clove does work, but only for so long. The only thing about it, when you use it, sometimes the taste of clove stays in your mouth for a long while, making any food consumed later, taste....like cloves.

    Hope your dental problem is resolved soon.

    Rayzorblade from the 'Long in the Tooth' class.

  • wednesday


    actually i had a somewhat similar experience about a month ago. I had to have a tooth extracted, and it came out piecemil. As i speak, i have a piece of bone jurting out of my gum, it is a bit loose and i will just have to wait until it "works its way out" as the dentist said.This entire month, i have been spitting out bone pieces. No more extractions. It was such an awful experience, i will never fear a drill again.

    i went to the baylor dental college many years ago. But i have lost all info. i would like to send my son ther. can u PM me with their number?


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