Witness Paedophile Gets 12 years

by Englishman 18 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    glad to see him brought to justice, great story e-man.

    just curious though, was he df'd because of allegations or after convicted, was he still a JW at the time of the court date ??? was he df'd at all, maybe he bs'd his way through the judicial commitee.

  • shamus

    This may sound a bit harsh, but here it goes.

    I hope that he is going to get a good raping in jail real soon. I hope that he will be someone's b**ch!


  • jst2laws


    Excellent article, especially because of the statement quoted above by expatbrit.


  • shamus


    the sad fact or probable fact is that he is probably not DF'd yet. It happens to people, including wife beaters, rapists, and all kinds of offences. It's just disgusting.

    One poor lady here got her husband convicted of kicking the crap out of her and putting her in hospital. He got 2 years and was never disfellowshipped. Just sick.


  • Special K
    Special K

    Thanks for posting that about this creep who preys on the innocent.

    That's another strike for the children...

    If J.W. parents would only open their eyes to what is lurking among them, hopefully some will read these newpaper articles and it will knock the wind out of them so to speak.. and they will want to get out of that crazy religion that harbours these wicked type of persons.. and then shelters them and no the children and their families.

    Special K

  • Simon

    Thanks for informing us EMan

    It is a fact that people like this would try and keep up an appearance of being respectable and of good character. You really can't decide what someone is like from what they are like.

    Appearances are not good judges of character !

  • Bonnie

    What courage this girl showed...I would love to give her a big hug....as a fellow survivor...I would love to have seen my abuser imprisoned ...instead he took the easy way out and overdosed! I'm glad he's dead, but will always regret that I didn't kill him myself. ( I would gladly have served time to have taken the law into my own hands.) At least I know my abuser won't abuse again...but as for this guy...he won't serve 12 years..he'll get out on i.e "good behaviour"...or any other excuse his parole officer will give.And theres a chance he will abuse again when he is released...once an abuser always! I hope he gets the crap beaten out of him inside!...they don't take kindly to child abusers in prison.

  • mizpah


    Is the victim bringing any charges against the elders or Watchtower Society? (IBSA) Is there anything in British Law that prevents the victim from charging them for negligence or failure to report?

  • mizpah

    ....or was it that they just were not aware of what was happening?

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