Can Today's JW Logically Explain Their Beliefs?

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  • Incognito

    Since any changes to doctrine as dictated by the GB is not to be questioned and is to be followed immediately, do individual JWs have beliefs?

    If a long standing belief that a JW holds to be true for 50 years is suddenly changed, then each JW is expected to 'adjust' his/her understanding and therefore his/her 'belief'.

    It seems JWs as a group have few beliefs except:

    • the GB is chosen by Jehovah as his earthly representative and spokesman, to lead his organization on earth
    • the GB is not to be doubted or questioned
  • minimus

    It's true. Just accept the pronouncements of the GB and go about your business! Stay brain dead and hand out a tract. Do not engage in real conversations. Imitate a robot. That's it! Be a JW Robot.🤖

  • pale.emperor

    When i was a JW my reply was:

    We follow the bible. If you read the bible and dont add to it you'd come out with our religion. Christmas isn't in there so we dont do it. There's no pope, there's no trinity, there's no hell. And we preach because that's what Jesus did when he was on earth. We immitate Christ.

    Oh how blind i was. 1914 isn't in there, shun isn't in there, disfellowship isnt in there, judicial committee isn't in there, organization isn't in there, Governing Body isn't in there.

  • Phizzy

    I don't think it was ever possible to logically explain JW beliefs, I think I did fairly well explaining the ones that were current when I was going DtoD over a decade ago, but Logic, Facts and Reason had little to do with it !

    I was rarely called upon to make an in-depth explanation, if I was, by a Vicar or someone who really knew their Bible for what it actually says, I had met my match, and had to bluff my way out.

    Today's JW's could not even do what I did, they simply refer to their Litertrash or the Website.

    The new thing from the Annual Meeting that they should now engage in conversations is going to fall flat, very few JW's back in my day were any good at that, today's brain dead drones don't stand a chance.

  • redvip2000
    No. Standard response is "go to". They actually think all the answers are there.

    Indeed. It's actually astonishing the amount of times Jdrones refer people to the website as a way to dodge hard questions. I've been watching a lot of youtube videos of people engaging Jdrones on the street, and with almost no exception, at the very first hint on a tough question, the referral to the website quickly happens.

  • sparrowdown

    All roads lead to the website aka the final solution/destination for JWs and any "interested" person.

  • cofty

    "This Good News of the website will be declared in all the inhabited earth..."

    The decline began with the publishing of "Reasoning From the Scriptures".

    When I was a pioneer in the 80s we began to be encouraged not to provide answers from the bible in our own words but to take out the reasoning book and read the answer. I never went along with that. I took pride in being able to deal with any objection directly from the bible.

    I suspect the motivation was uniformity.

  • Crazyguy


  • sparrowdown

    Cults can't afford for any of their people to go off script.

    The script is real easy to remember now : "Please visit out website."

  • jp1692

    No. It is illogical, absurd even, to suggest that illogical, incoherent, and internally contradictory beliefs can be explained logically.

    Quit trying to make sense out of nonsense.

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