Are Jehovah’s Witnesses Party Poopers?

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  • HiddlesWife

    True to a certain degree. Some Jdubs looked forward to gatherings to play: Bible games, Bible Pictionary, Bible charades and other games provided by dub companies such as STOOPS Manufacturing and MADZAY. Also, there were a few who when travelling to see concerts or malls, etc., they looked like SAD SACK. These were the types that acted and felt like they would rather be in field circus than go out to enjoy themselves. IMPO, this is really pathetic.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    As rafe said

    ie. I remember an elder giving a talk about all the sexual immorality in today's social behavior, a couple months down the road I hear he got DFed for adultery.
  • Rafe

    I was an active JWS during the 60's and 70's and I have to say I think things were a bit more looser and open back then as far JWS being socially active.

    I dated girls without chaperones, we went dancing at night clubs, there were parties all the time, especially during assembly time, not a word was spoken.

    I here things are quite different now days in JW land.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Not all witnesses are fizzers but I did go to a BBQ at Brother Elder, always beating the drums home once. As the meal was just about to be dished up he comes out with "Ok before we eat, lets do a little bible quiz" (where he asks all the questions).

    Thinks to myself that this guy just can't help himself, I guess he was the classic stereotype.


  • badcompany

    You are right Rafe. I went to plenty of great parties back in those days. Assemblies were notorious. After spending 10 hours sitting on a bench in blazing sun it was time to party. I would bring my albums of Stones, Foreigner, Heart, etc. to gatherings. I even brought a bottle of Crown to an elder's house party. I wasn't 21 yet. No problem.

  • smiddy3

    If your experience with JW`s are party poopers then you were mixing with the wrong JW`s.

    Our social life was great in the Borg, and we were mixing with Elders and MS that I was.

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