Do jihadist extremist beliefs deserve respect?

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  • azor

    Mikey the point im trying to get at is how ridiculous it is of those who think beliefs should be respected just because someone holds them. What one believes matters. It affects actions, and actions affect me and those I care about. No belief should be held sacred and be beyond criticism. People and beliefs are not the same thing

    One of my favorite quotes is "I respect you to much as a person to respect your beliefs. "

  • KateWild
    To hopefully get through some of the thick headedness on display here regarding some people's inability to separate beliefs from people. - Azor

    Let me get through some of my thick headedness by asking a couple of questions......

    How do you separate a Jihad extremist views from the person the Jihad is?

    Do you respect Jihad extremists as people?

    If so, why?

    Kate xx

  • StarTrekAngel

    Only people or ideas who respect others deserve respect. Jihadists ideas, even if not taken into action, show no respect for others, therefore they do not deserve respect.

    Just like outlaw was saying, this applies to anything and anyone. Even a person of science can take this to an extreme or disrespect others under the idea that he/she knows better. Even science has been wrong. The positive is that science is always willing to correct its mistakes and we are all under the understating of such. Science does not hide anything and the disclaimers are always being set forth in the open.

  • azor

    Kate I'm sure most jihadis have families. Kiss there kids at night, tuck them in, read to them. Enjoy meals with friends and family. Want what they believe is best for those they care about.

    Some Muslims believe jihad is an inner struggle. I respect jihadis to much as people to respect their beliefs. A belief system and an individual are 2 different things. There are varying belief systems and they all have consequences. Some of them more severe than others and deserving a response in kind.

  • millie210

    Even Hitler had a grandma!

    Is that the idea azor?

    I guess most people have degrees of what is crossing the line...even in prison, I hear that a child molester will fare worse than a murderer.


  • TimeBandit

    Do Jeffrey Dahmer's beliefs deserve respect?

    What say you?


  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Ugh. Common sense anyone?

    We all are varying degrees or good or bad, bit comparing johad extremism with less lets say......violent forms of not productive IMO.

  • azor

    TB & Problem Addict you are emphasizing the point exactly as I intended.


    This is my last post on this series. Just trying to drive the point home.

    Sometimes even hitting people over the head with a concept doesn't work. Like the old saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you can't force it to drink.

  • Ruby456

    Jihadists extremists want to polarise people - this is good that is evil to campaign for all out war to attract people to their side and to spark a united response from enemies. In contrast entertaining different perspectives helps us to see the complexity of the situation and this will defeat their agenda in the long run. analysts of the Jihad extremist situation are convinced of this approach

  • Ruby456

    Management of Savagery discusses the need to create and manage nationalist and religious resentment and violence in order to create long-term propaganda opportunities for jihadist groups. Notably, Naji discusses the value of provoking military responses from superpowers in order to recruit and train guerilla fighters and to create martyrs. Naji suggests that a long-lasting strategy of attrition will reveal fundamental weaknesses in the ability of superpowers to defeat committed jihadists.[

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