Do jihadist extremist beliefs deserve respect?

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    A jihadist would kill you,your family and any body else around you..

    Just for having a different belief..

    I`m not good with that.....Just so You Know..

  • azor

    Outlaw I didn't say you were good with that. I am talking about respecting their beliefs. 2 separate things.

    I'm trying to illustrate how ridiculous it is to state that beliefs of any kind merit respect. This example is the extreme result of such a stance. I'm not saying every belief is the same just that knocking people that challenge someone elses belief system is dangerous and needs to be called out as such.



    Attacking People of Faith..

    Who aren`t "Literally" trying to kill you..

    Harm you in some way and/or demand you accept their beliefs ..

    Is insane..

    If all they want to do is share their Faith.....You can always say no and walk away..


    There are Theists and Atheists who will Never give You a Moments Rest..

    They`re Both Crazy..

  • punkofnice

    Er.........having thought about it for a nano second. Nope!

  • Simon

    I think the general consensus was that beliefs can't and don't deserve respect in themselves even for much more placid beliefs, it's unclear what 'respect' even means.

    The problem with multiple threads in a series that rely on the link to make sense is that it assumes everyone sees them in the order posted. Without context, this topic simply looks crazy, like someone is suggesting we should consider respecting their beliefs.

    I don't think beliefs earn respect but I think certain beliefs discount the people from being shown any respect and consideration.

  • WTWizard

    Do they show respect for us? What about all the ancient temples that they destroy? They also send people to attack, in the name of allah, those who are merely minding their own business. And that Islamic State blew up Astaroth's temple last spring--an act that is not worthy of my respect.

    Of note, xians are no better in this regard. Do they show respect for native culture, or do they simply go into regions practicing pagan worship to proselytize? And who started the Inquisition? Who was responsible for the Dark Ages? I don't show respect for groups that pull that crap, either.

  • KateWild

    I don't respect Jihadi extremists as people. I don't respect people who chose to be violent full stop. I don't respect people who are prejudice and insight hatred.

    I don't separate people and beliefs when their beliefs are so extreme the person does not deserve my respect.

    Azor, I agree with Simon about your threads lol

    Kate xx

  • mikeypants

    What's the point of these threads? To show that not everyone here deserves respect with what you consider idiotic beliefs? Or am I missing some bigger picture point?

    I haven't read all the posts so I'm genuinely asking. If so, I agree with you. I don't respect everything I read here. In fact, some things are completely insane in my opinion. But, we all have unique experiences and this religion has affected us all in different ways. So, those that are fading or have complety disappeared are more than likely searching for their truth. Who are we to say their truth is a lie?

    I don't agree with bashing on someone who believes differently with you. That's just what witnesses do. So, to say someone who believes in God is ignorant or stupid or whatever is anaglous to jdubs looking down on anyone that thinks differently from them. I remember my father watching nova or some other science show and shaking his head and smirking when anything was mentioned regarding evolution or carbon dating. Like, he knew more than people who have devoted their whole lives to science because he read a few watchtowers. This was back when witnesses said the earth was no more than 6000 years old or whatever it was.

    We can't prove God doesn't excist, just as we can't prove he does. And until one way of thought is proven without a doubt, there really is no point on debating one way or the other.

    If I'm completely off base with your point than just consider this my wake up rant.

  • azor

    Kate you are one of the reasons I started these threads. To hopefully get through some of the thick headedness on display here regarding some people's inability to separate beliefs from people.

    Gees things get wordy when trying to prequalify everything I say.

  • freddo

    Do "jihadist extremist" beliefs deserve respect? Only in the same way as Anders Breivik's beliefs deserve respect.

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