Worship of Men and Emphasis on Titles

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  • darkspilver

    Hi ttdtt

    I think the announcements at the Conventions and Assemblies is more about adding weight to the words the guy is going to say, and not an ego thing. (By the way its in the instructions for the talks and for the chairman)

    The convention programmes used to be printed for each location individually and included the names of the speakers (and congregation?) next to their item/talk - that stopped a number of years ago and just a generic programme is printed nowadays.

    The announcing of the name along with their congregation name or circuit (if a Circuit Overseer) or if they're in Bethel etc is fine - it's when they start saying how many years they've served doing this and so many years doing that when it grates.

    But it depends how it's done, occassional exceptions could be made, perhaps for 'human interest' reasons - maybe adding they used to be a missionary in such-and-such country if it was fairly unique, or perhaps knowledging the brother's personal situation that would add weight to his talk.

    Otherwise it just sounds like a competition - which speaker has done the 'most' and the 'longest' whatever

  • ssn587

    When was studying was at a convention with the one who was supposedly teaching me, he introduced me to a guy who actually introduced himself as so and so and that he was bethelite i just looked at him and said SO, well he just ignored me and began talking to guy i was "studying" with. Guess he must have thought I would be impressed, I wasn't.

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    Pastor Russell

    Judge Rutherford


    I remember a few years back at a circuit assembly, a few bros were introducing themselves to the CO, they made sure to mention that they were an MS or an Elder from such and such cong.

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  • Vidiot

    Of course status matters in a JW congo, no matter what the Org might claim.

    Home sapiens evolved in tribes, and one's survival often depended on one's status within the tribe. It's an integral aspects of how human beings are wired.

    We've lived that way for hundreds of thousands of years... that trait ain't gonna end just 'cause the Org claims that we didn't.

  • blondie

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