Watchtower study today - best practice in word

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  • waton

    The relevant scripture missing from today's wt "study"?? sheep & goats, least of my brothers . because

    Jesus taught that you do not know, who you help, if you look after the needy. Wt of course has appropriated that scripture for their sole benefit, all good works should go the WTBTS Inc. ...beneficial refugees? if they become volunteers for WTBTS.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Doubtfullyyours, speak for yourself.

  • Gorbatchov

    DY missed my point and makes it personal. Experience influenced my attitude. Attitude is ok.


  • tepidpoultry

    The Good Samaritan didn't try to ascertain the motives of the victim before giving assistance,

  • Crazyguy

    This cult with these kind of teachings just shows that their not just a bunch of delusional idiots thinking thier working for gods organization, they are obviously just snake oil sales men wanting nothing more then money and they'll even take it from the needy!!

    This also reminds me of back at 9/11 , when total chaos was going on the JWs showed up with tracts. It was such a joke and they'll realized it so many went and got bottled water and where giving it to the victims . Their pathetic completely pathetic!!!

  • smiddy

    Jehovah`s Witnesses condemn Christendoms religions, however they are by their practice of charitable works despite whatever religion you practice or even if your atheist or a non christian religion they dont discriminate against you.

    They give practical physical financial help and nourishing food and clothing to all in need.

    They also run and support hospitals aged care for the elderly and they provide volunteers who help and feed the needy with practical

    They put the Governing Body of Jehovahs Witnesses to shame who call themselves christians they are anything but christian in practice and attitude.

    What is that scripture that says something like if you meet your fellow man in need and all you do for him is say go in peace .?

    That sums up the JW religion in a nutshell.

  • tor1500


    To put it plainly, JW's are selfish. Oh, and cheap. Common denominator. Not all but majority and if you are a charitable person they will try to use you until you become selfish and cheap like them, then they can fix you to be a charitable person, again, but only to them.

    Why do they write articles on something that they should know already. With all the articles we get about how to treat people, nobody seems to get it so we need constant reminders of the golden rule, uh?

    Watch'em, they are trying to fool folks to thinking they are not inbred. But if they don't change their toon, they will fizzle out. They are looking to bring in young and new, young folks, they are going to have to change their tune. Kids used to be seen and not heard, now they are in our faces because we have become jaded and they say to ain't fair and ain't right. So the org better get a little mainstream to attract, because only old and bitter and judgmental folks will be attracted to the witnesses.

    Just like they don't want to vote but know all about the government programs, pantries, vouchers, etc. The regular working person barely knows where to pay their rent.


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I like tepidpoultry's take on the article:

    The Good Samaritan didn't try to ascertain the motives of the victim before giving assistance

    This article on 'Helping Foreign Residents....' is such a joke. This is another example of why I love to hate the WTBTS!

    God, if you're listening...please damn this organization!

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I liked the give them a necktie part the most usless piece of clothing ever invented

  • sir82

    It was rather striking, and out of character, that there was repeated mention of helping out materially. Of course, the main thrust of the article was "spiritual" help (as another poster said - such "help" is just like Jesus' presence - invisible), but it was still somewhat surprising to see even a mention that refugees may need something more than a ragged Watchtower.

    It was so striking, in fact, it makes me wonder if the article was placed there to meet some sort of charity requirement for some governmental regulation somewhere in the world. For example, "we'll allow you to keep your properties and pay no taxes, if you encourage your members to provide material assistance to those in need".

    Generosity for humanitarian reasons is simply not in the WTS playbook. If they advocate it, it must be for some organizational / financial advantage.

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