Not on : Jehovah's Witness van driver arrested for ignoring rape of child

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  • JimmyPage
  • rebel8
    That was really tough to read. Couldn't finish. I feel nauseated.
  • wannaexit

    Why would the bus driver not say anything. What's wrong with people ?????

  • ScenicViewer

    The article says...

    The lawsuit also states the 14-year-old suspect is related to Byrd [the bus driver], who has since resigned from his position.

    Even if related to the rapist the driver was without conscience for not stopping the assualt. He has become completely desensitized to the plight of a fellow human being.

  • jaydee
    ''I don't believe the article says he's a JW, but he is.''
    How so..?
  • rebel8

    The only possible reaction by a normal person is an over-reaction, say, like shoving the perp to the ground and stomping his skull in.

    An abnormal response is to call for help and not intervene.

    An extremely sick response is to do nothing.

  • JimmyPage

    Jaydee I am sending you a pm.

  • JWdaughter

    I gotta say, even with all I know that happens in the congregation, I don't see how a JW, elder or not, could justify such a thing to themselves. Whether Byrd is a JW or not, he is monstrous to have allowed this to go on (apparently with more than one victim!) without intervening to stop it.How could he DO that to a child?

  • justme

    i have read the article & googled it & there is nothing on him being a witness that i could find..but nevertheless, it is unfathomable that he wouldn't immediately report this & at least try & stop what was going on, on the bus..the kid was screaming!?!?...unbelievable!

  • smiddy


    Nothing in the reports I have read suggest that the van driver was a religious person let alone a JW ,how did you arrive at that conclusion ?


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