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  • Finkelstein

    What a bunch of loaded disingenuous language, like " the FDSL should look after the master's belongings " or this will avail the leaders to spend more time on spiritual matters of the congregations.


    The Watchtower Corporation/JWorg. is sinking so the top leaders are trying to grab as much cash out the organization as they can just for insurance.

    What this really about is the cash grabbing of the high value properties which these Kingdom Halls sit on . The WTS has become an real estate development holding company that makes millions of obtaining real estates assets off the gullible, exploited and brainwashed people who are in the organization.

    Religion is about power and money.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    The wording on the last says this:


    WHEREAS the charity trustees of the Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses (the Congregation) are satisfied (1) that it is expedient in the interests of furthering the purposes for which the property is held by the Congregation, for the property to be transferred to The Kingdom Hall Trust and (2) that the purposes of The Kingdom Hall Trust are substantially similar to the purposes of the Congregation. In accordance with Section 268 of the Charity Act 2011, we, the charity trustees of the Congregation at a meeting duly convened on this the day of....., 2020 hereby resolve to dissolve the Congregation and merge with The Kingdom Hall Trust, charity registration number 275946. We therefore resolve to transfer (after all remaining liabilities have been paid) all property of the Congregation to The Kingdom Hall Trust."

    "Dissolve" & "merge" - weasel wording from the WT yet again.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    KHT is an arm of IBSA and WBTTS or whatever all of which are arms of WT USA.

    If you think of WT and its' entities as "the State, we have socialism or communism in action. Everything run by and for the benefit of the state. The whole thing is Orwellian, all for the greater good, but for the benefit of whom? I think we know the answer to that.

    Perhaps they will try to do the same thing with our homes and other assets. This gradual theft has been in progress for years ever since the KHs were take into public sorry WT ownership. They are not having any more of my money.

  • carla

    What would happen if a cong said no? or should I just revisit the Menlo park fiasco?

    I understand a cong saying no is not likely. Just a what if question.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Carla, 99.9% of JW's wouldn't dare to even question the "recommendation" proposed by the B.O.E., so don't be surprised when not one congregation rejects the fleecing!

    If it did happen, expect certain elders to be "removed."

    Logical independent thinkers will not be tolerated!

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I understand that most congregations signed over their KH to the KHT back in about 2014. That is how they are able to sell off KH's and combine congregations already. This is about getting the last bit of cash and removing any prying eyes in the Charity Commission.

    What will happen in Scotland where congregations are not registered with the Charity Commission?


  • LV101

    As I recall, the WT cult won their lawsuit in the Menlo Park fiasco so the members were out many more thousands of dollars. The avg witness (or JW clergy class -- the ones I knew at least) can't afford legal representation plus they're going up against all the 'freedom of religion' and laws protecting anything/everything in religion's power. Sickening!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I' m guessing that this change WILL make life for the Elders easier in terms of government forms and accounting but it will also make it easier for the"society" to sell individual Halls as they see fit, as well. They can do so more directly now without the formality of having to make it seem as if the local congregations have any real say in the matter and it will eliminate the risk of having another Menlo Park situation.

    I'm not sure this will have a big impact on JW's in terms of seeing red flags. It seems to me that most of them are proud to be followers and take pride in being easily led. They view the money they donate and the time they spend working on Kingdom Halls as being for the overall "advancement of Jehovah's Kingdom" rather than being for their own benefit. They don't have a problem when they work on a building and then it's later sold for profit, they view this as a good thing since the profit can be used to "advance the kingdom interests and they were glad to do their part.

    We know this new plan is "all of a piece" however they'll only see these changes individually rather than as part of an overall scheme that's being set in motion, so they won't have a problem with it. It's only when they start having to drive long distances because their Hall was sold, that they'll begin to wonder what's going on. Even then, they won't question out loud, as that wouldn't be sheeplike. They aren't suspicious of the GB the way we are suspicious of the Government. They aren't concerned about anyone profiting individually.

    The problem I have with this new plan is that JW's aren't given enough information so as to see the big picture. It seems to me that the Governing Body doesn't view the average JW as being capable of understanding such matters and or they simply don't want the plain folk getting in their way with their annoying amateurish questions and petty local concerns. They don't want the individual JW getting involved with the details. Just give us your money and we'll handle the rest. I think most JW's are happy to be able to sit back and not be concerned with such matters and have a safe feeling that they are being looked after and by doing so, they are that much closer to everlasting life.

  • cofty

    Just wait until a congregation wants to redecorate of replace their chairs or a better microphone and the KHT says 'no you can't have your money back, it's ours now'.

    Donations will drop when local JWs realise that not one penny they donate stays local and they lose all control over spending.

  • Phizzy

    I wonder how the old ones at my old hall feel about this ? we built it ourselves entirely, no RBC in those days, we financed it ourselves entirely, the land it was built on was donated by a local J.W.

    Ever since the Congregation has paid for upkeep and refurbishments.

    Now it is a valuable asset the org wants it, for nothing.


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