Ideas to discreetly identify the awoken among us

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  • Truthexplorer
    Truthexplorer took me a few moments to work out what stfu meant Lol.

    Sound advice for a good fade

  • Caedes

    OP When you have that sorted I have some cats that need herding!

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I started a thread about this several months ago. The major issue with this problem is that there is no secure way to communicate the "secret handshake" without preventing the enemy from also getting to know about it. So the enemy could easily get to know the secret handshake and use it to sniff out apostates.

    I think the solution to this problem is to not use a specific, fixed, "secret handshake" that is shared publicly. Instead, you need to share publicly only a vague protocol, which, in turn is tailored by each individual to produce their own unique "secret handshake" that is never to be shared publicly on any forum. This way, the enemy does not have any specific "secret handshake" to look for. They would only know of the vague protocol. Of course this doesn't solve the problem. It is only the first step of the solution which makes it more difficult for the enemy.

    The second step of the solution is to use have a full proof backup plan to extricate yourself from incrimination if you've being baited by the enemy. You have to design your "secret handshake" with this in mind.

    One possible solution I came up with is a protocol where you ask the JW an edgy question that has a TTATT meaning along with a plausible innocent meaning. It would be a good idea to have multiple such questions in mind; and never share them publicly online. If the JW is awake he responds by answering with an edgy answer that has a TTATT meaning and a plausible innocent meaning. This way you make it known to each other that you are awake (by the TTATT meaning) while simultaneously giving yourself a way to extricate yourself from incrimination (by claiming the innocent meaning) if you've been baited by the enemy.

    You use multiple such questions and answers to establish trust and certainty that the other person is awake.


    Ideas to discreetly identify the awoken among us

    It has to be something no one would notice.....Like..


    .....A Secret HandShake.....

    Image result for Secret handshake

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Also, you can adverse to awake ones during the meeting by giving comments that would lead to TTATTy thoughts in awake ones. That lets any awake ones in your hall know that you are a possible candidate worth exploring.

  • Londo111

    This reminds me of the commercial where people say to one another, "Are you jelling?"

  • Steel

    I have often wondered about facebook pages. I know lots of dubs that don’t have a single trace of being a JW on their pages. No pictures of assemblies, no likes of, No pictures in suits and dresses etc etc.

    I often wonder how many of them are secretly awake.

  • Londo111

    I remember when I was in I didn't want to identify as JW on Facebook...I wanted to keep it private. Of course, I also realized as a JW, I was supposed to feel proud and be open with it.

  • Nameless

    Use the hi sign!

  • redvip2000

    Don't just assume you know though. Something that happened a few months ago:

    I saw a FB post for a JW i know which said something about the fact that he was crying because everything that he had been taught since he was a little boy was false and that it was sad that many around him continued to believe in fallacies.

    Now, of course I just assumed he meant that he had figured out the TTATT, so i sent him a text offering comfort and welcoming him to the world of being awake. Big mistake, his post was about something totally unrelated, so he was thoroughly confused, and i had to play verbal gymnastics to explain my text.

    Oh well..

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