Ideas to discreetly identify the awoken among us

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  • Truthexplorer

    OK. I know this has been brought up in the past, but I have often wondered who in our halls are awake (for those of us who attend). There are some I would consider a 'maybe', but no way of ever really knowing.

    So here is my idea. I hope it doesn't sound too masonic,

    1/ awoken brothers could wear a silver pinky ring on their right hand. Nothing abnormal about that (Steven Left does)

    2/ If you see a brother wearing a silver pinky ring, shake the brothers hand as normal and usual hello etc....but then give a nod at same time. If he is awoken, he will nod back.

    3/ To make absolutely sure he is awake, wait till the month the Awake mags are out and collect the amount you need for field service. Hold them in your left hand before going up to shake the brothers hand. After his nod and during conversation he points to the Awake mags in your left hand and says ' some really good topics in the Awake this month'.

    Bingo - you will know for certain he is of the awoken class. Though caution needs to be taken, but can gradually gauge things with the brother.

    Though the above is a little bit of fun, it is also a real idea and discreet (not so obvious to company men lurkers).

    Any other ideas. Perhaps sisters can come up with some discreet ideas for the ladies :-)

  • crazy_flickering_light

    Then go to your JC because an elder read this here who is not out.

  • stillin

    How about, in a joking manner, "Are you awake?" And an answer like "I've been awake for almost two years!" Any other answer, like "Tough day, but yeah, I'm awake" tells you that they aren't awake.

  • pale.emperor

    I know at least one awake person in my old hall. It's a damn shame because his wife and kids are fully in and we used to have some great conversations one on one and laugh at the BS that is Watchtower.

    Unfortunately, he made the mistake of befriending an elder. Who promptly pressured assisted this brother to reach out. He and his family now go on holidays with all the elder families, spend bank holidays on walks and picnics with the elder families and is now too far in to be able to leave quietly. Even though he knows it's all rubbish.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Truthexplorer: (Q) Ideas to " DISCREETLY" identify the awoken among us?"

    The Rebel (A) How about we " DISCREETLY" ask them?"

    Actually it's not usually that difficult to tell, often by body language, but also by meeting attendance, fewer answers at meetings, ect. Also most of us aren't such good actors....but the biggest clue is " privaliges" as you will be surprised how the elders usually spot " awakening" brothers first, even amoung fellow elders.

  • Truthexplorer

    Hey Rebel,

    if the elders are able to spot the awakening brothers, then they too must be awake, but in denial :-)

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I had this fantasy also, when I was in, where we could produce this type of secret society. The issue however is that very few awaken members stay in longer then 2 years. And during that 2 years, they tend to become increasingly irregular (in service and meetings) hence, taking away the fun of being with someone who knows its all BS.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I also remember a friend of mine who, though not being awaken, didn't believe in 1914 and many of the prophesies. He didn't believe in the faithful slave either! While he told me about this, I understood that he was still under the spell of : "Yeah, but look at all the good fruits the organization is bearing!"

    On my end, I simply acknowledged that it was difficult to believe in everything and that we could choose to wait on Jehovah. That day, I didn't know if he was indeed fully awaken and fishing for my feedback, and I didn't want to risk anything. In addition, at that time in his life, he had various issues and becoming awaken at the same time could have proved to be "too much". Leaving the org is very difficult: losing friends and family, time to research and study and undo all the ideas that have been forced into you mind. etc. Some loose their marriage and other fall physically sick under the stress. I didn't want to add this burden on him in a time I knew he could not carry it.

    Since I have become inactive, I have had a few conversations with him, however, we never talk about JW stuff. The day he will be ready, we'll have that conversation. In the meantime, I feel he is captive of his own mind and of his family.

    Anyways... my point is this: Back then, when we had this conversation, I could easily have assumed he was awaken and this would have opened a whole world of trouble if I had done so.

    This is why forums like these are perfect. We can reach out anonymously to people living the same things we are without the risk of causing additional difficulties to our own lives or of those that we care for.

  • stuckinarut2

    A genuinly awake person eventually leaves the cong..... So there is the best way to see who is awake!

    Serioulsy though, DONT assume anyone, even the "weak" ones are awake! Some may seem irregular or inactive, but the FOG (fear obligation and guilt) is strong within them, and they will rat you out if you share anything....

  • DesirousOfChange

    I could easily have assumed he was awaken and this would have opened a whole world of trouble if I had done so.

    It is one sad aspect of a "good fade" -- you have to STFU. Even when you'd like to reach out to someone who seems to be "out" mentally, or who seems to be a good candidate to awaken, or to SCREAM out about the stupid still have to STFU!

    "Loose lips" and all that.............DOC

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