BOE: Singers for recordings in German - bethel email address uncovered

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  • Edison Trent
    Edison Trent

    Last week a new letter for the BOE in Germany was published online. I want to share it with you (poor translation by Google, sorry for that):



    Singers for recordings in German

    Dear brothers,

    Surely, it has pleased you that we have some of our beautiful songs on JW Broadcasting also in German language. To be able to do so in the future too, we would like to ask you for your help in the search for further singers, preferably brothers and sisters with a vocal education. If possible, they should fulfill the following criteria:

    1. Age between 20-45 years.

    2. A vocal training in jazz or musical would be an advantage. A classic education is helpful, but could be a hindrance for this type of music.

    3. Applicants should master the German language so well that the lyrics of the song is good to understand.

    4. As with all applicants for theocratic privileges, it should be exemplary promoter recommended by the Service Committee for such a task.

    We are aware that there may not be many brothers or sisters who fulfill all criteria mentioned above. Therefore, those who are not vocal trained should be considered.

    To check whether someone is suitable, we need an audio or video recording (Tablet or smartphone is enough). Brothers or sisters who are eligible for this project, should provide their files, contact information or questions that may occur at the following address send:

    If someone is after the examination of the recording for this project in the shortlist the Audio / Video Department comes with the concerned brother or sister in directly contact.

    We thank you very much for your support and send you cordial greetings.


    So maybe someone wants to share a recording with the brothers in bethel Selters?

  • slimboyfat

    I'll definitely give this ago!

  • jwleaks

    Thanks for the email link. I've just emailed in this recording of a pioneer ministerial servant taken at a JW wedding in Berlin.

  • ToesUp

    Only the exemplary should apply. The most holy of the holy. Losers can not apply. If only people could see that WT uses their members for their own benefit. We left partly because we never felt good enough. Then we learned TTATT. Only the exemplary may apply to this cult. Well...let's rephrase that. Only those who "look good" may apply. Whitewashed graves full of dead men's bones.

  • jwleaks

    Here's governing body member Adolf going Gangnam Style on the JW German Branch Committee.

  • pale.emperor

    Brothers and sisters with a vocal education? Sorry brothers, you told us we couldn't pursue further education because armageddon was just around the corner.

    Jazz? WTF?!!

  • Gayle

    Crazy how last year, they had a young boy in a video at convention wanting to go a music school for his violin. He was told no and that pursuing this would not be acceptable, worldly etc. Now they want special people in a singing program for them, obviously, ones that have outstanding singing ability. Are there any JWs that can maintain a talent when they couldn't pursue that talent. Everyone knows that if you don't constantly develop a musical gift, you lose it. Years ago they stopped any 'live' orchestra and performing singers at assembles/conventions.

    Anyone know of such JWs that had 'outstanding' musical abilities? Especially if they were/are elders, pioneers, etc.?

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Pale emperor,

    Exactly. That's the first thing I noticed, the word "education" and "jazz". Contradictions and clues of trying to go mainstream are abounding

  • waton

    German jazz in Dirndl and Lederhosen.?

    a few of the melodies could come off quite nice, if you can ignore the lyrics, Even Pavarotti, can hardly be understood.

    serve them sekt, ot selter.

  • Quarterback

    Oh no. I can see it now on the future Broadcast. A panel of Musical Judges rating the singing auditions. We will eventually text our favourite singer.

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