CNN reporter: They're chanting 'death to America!' but they seem friendly at the same time

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  • Jeffro


    Kill them, kill their families, kill their friends and kill their goats.

    Even the young goats that are virgins? Sorry, wrong verse.

  • Rivergang
    Don't rely on western media to be honest about what is actually going on in Kabul.

    In that Machiavellian world of the Middle East, honesty is a very scarce commodity; things are very seldom ever as they may first appear to be.

    A good litmus test is to consider whether or not that spokesman were to gain any advantage by telling the truth. If this were to confer to them no tangible benefit, the odds are almost certain that they aren't speaking truthfully.

    While that may seem a biased outlook on things, one needs to carefully consider the merits of the three main methods of discovery:


    (i) Listen and comply with a spoken warning.

    (ii) Read and comply with a written warning.

    (iii) Or .... urinate on the electric fence and find out for your bloody self!

    (No apologies for throwing in a bit of farm-spun wisdom)

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