NEED HELP! WTS accusing of copyright infringement

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  • shepherd

    Not more scaremongering?!

    Refer to page one of that thread and the comments from the ISP:

    "We have been forwarded a copy of a complaint that was sent to our upstream provider regarding your site and the content which is posted on your site..."

    The site was HOSTING copyright material.You cannot host copyright material.

    This forum is not hosting anything, and the webmaster is not uploading and sharing illegal files!

    So, no need to panic at all. Calm down people.

  • Curtains

    I think elsewhere makes a good point

    "Maybe they were just saber-rattling... they wanted to try to scare you into doing what they want when they really have no intention doing anything because it will draw too much attention.

    JWs like to say that XJWs are liars and alter digital images to make it look like the WTS said one thing when it really said another... if the WTS complains about the items on your web site then that means that they are accurate reproductions of WTS material."

    And I hear your shepherd. thanks for the clearheaded advice.

  • Deceived

    I didn't realize this thread started 7 years ago ;-(

    I went to check out because it sounded interesting and it came up as a VIRUS obviously it isn't around hosted by Jourles anymore.

    I thought I better post this if for some reason someone doesn't have antivirus...

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