Our Lost Histories

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  • Billygoat

    I became the teenager I was when I became involved with the JW's and like Lady Lee, I smoked pot and cigars, wore short, short skirts, flaunted my sexuality, and slept around for awhile! LOL! I had always had an immense need to try things out, kick my heels up, have some fun.....part of me wondered all the time and felt sad at what I had missed! Now, because I allowed my teenager to get it out of her system, I am at peace inside!

    I think this is a very necessary thing to experience. We were trapped in that box for so long. Our dreams, hopes, questions, doubts, everything was repressed. For some of us (me included!) had to swing into the extreme end of the pendulum just for the sake of experiencing it. I am not really proud of the immoral or unethical choices I made for several years after being DFed, but I think if I hadn't experienced it, I would NOT know myself today. It is only after having experienced both extremes of life, can I really decide where betwixt and between I stand.


  • drahcir yarrum
    drahcir yarrum

    It's amazing to me, and yet not suprising that so many of us suffered the same loss of identity and childhood due to a screwed up religion. It would be redundant for me to tell my story growing up in the organization so I won't. But the freedom that I've come to enjoy over the last 20 years of NOT being a JW is more emotional and psychological than anything else.

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