Avoiding Service Tips?

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  • Kohanic

    Beard fractions XD

  • Kohanic

    @The Fall Guy

    Ah I see, thanks for the recommendation

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    last time i ever went out door knocking, i was with my wife. we had to walk across a river bridge. she was horrified when i sent my briefcase complete with magazines skimming into the sky and into the river. it felt good!

  • Jrjw
    I'm in the same boat. Me and my daughter came up with the idea of working together and if someone answers the door to not use any literature or mention the organisation and just read a positive scripture without referring to the society. That's our backup plan if we can't get out of going out while fading and just not reporting the time since we weren't talking about Jehovah or the society or promoting it.
  • millie210

    Find an older person who is a shut in. Go read to them and talk to them.

    Dont use the literature, read what the older person likes or just visit with them.

    Tell everyone that is your study and they are shy and dont want more than one person to come.

    Turn in 2 hours, a Return Visit and a Bible study once a week from this one encounter and go ahead and enjoy the rest of your week!

    Side benefit: You will probably make a great friend in this older person you show time and attention to.

  • Incognito

    If you are an adult, you don't need to provide answers or excuses to those outside of your household if you so choose. You are responsible for yourself.

    As you continue to live with your mother and because you are currently under medical care, you could tell her that for the sake of your health, both you and your doctor feel a break from stressful activities is needed.

  • AudeSapere

    Start working with different congregations. Work for 30 minutes and then take a break.

    The just leave the house and go to different congs, meet for service, tell them you have an RV (or whatever it's called now).

    Then just start going to the territory area but no service. Just go to park or for a walk. That way you can honestly you were in xxxxx city.

    Make plans to meet with non-jw friends and let family think they are a study.

    Reverse theocratic warfare, right?

  • ttdtt

    Do things like Early Morning Witnessing, or at odd hrs where you can just head to the mall or something and no one will know.

  • Kohanic

    I'd probably use the mental health problems as my prime excuse as Im not know (at all) for return visits or bible studies, just couldnt do it lol

    Anyway it also sucks cause being a young sister, people are more 'concerned about you in service'. I'll find a way I suppose, have a few more 'breakdowns'

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I like that one AudeSapere! Meet with non-jw friends... just be prepared, someone MIGHT say, hey, can I go with you?

    I would try to meet for service with people who don't really like you, go alone, then don't really 'witness' like jrjw says.

    Get your own territory, say you are working it. Just disappear 🤸

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