Parents allowed girl to stay with man who molested her

by StinkyPantz 25 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Simon

    You need a license to get a gun, drive a car, even own a pet or TV set ... but it seems any moron is allowed to become a parent.

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    The possibility of rehabilitating a child molester to me is questionable at best. If the proponants of rehabilitation are defining pedofilia (sp?) as an illness, than those sufferers should be quarantined, isolated from the targets of their affliction.

    If it is not an illness, as I tend to believe, then no punishment is too severe. Their targets are the most helpless and innocent of our society. Their actions and desires, the depth of depravity. Chemical castration, literal castration, imprisonment or even execution seem fair recompense for their deeds.

    The parents of the child in question are without a doubt fools, and do not deserve to have the responsiblity of raising children. When my children were small, Sheila and I wouldn't allow anyone without an impecable reputation to watch them in our absence. This made for very limited time away from them. Our alone time was after they had gone to bed, in our room, with them safely tucked away in their beds.

    If my statements seem to judgemental and severe, then I might offer that the matter be handed over to the Almighty, we could, in the words of one, "kill them all and let God sort it out!"



  • SheilaM

    All I can say RF is you wrong DEAD wrong, no if ands or buts...period end of sentence. The Father is not able to determine rehabilitation, his duty is to PROTECTING his child not worrying about said Uncle and his level of recovery. Also, it said that the Uncle was still on PROBATION which indicates he was not even DONE SERVING HIS TIME....although with my child it would have been much longer than any court could judge if I couldn't kill him the least I would do is protect my child from someone that already harmed her.

    And you are all swallowing the spiel as fast as its fed to you.You are perfect members of society. Believing the party line with all the violence of belief ,emotional commitment and righteous justification, that they could ever wish of you.

    One of my old friends is a PSYCHIATRIST that has been molested she worked with the victims now she works with the perpetrators trying to understand why her BROTHER did what he did and the parents looked the other way. That is HOW DEEPLY scarred a child is ...forever.
    My duty it to my FAMILY whether you agree means NOTHING the safety and happiness of my children and now grandbaby is all I care about. That is how I always have been and do you know what IT WORKS

  • wednesday

    Current thinking is the pedo can't be helped. Even if he was , he should not be having contact with the child he formerly molested. For one thing, the child would be traumatized at having to be around him. Talk about adding insult to injury. Those parents are treating their precious child like a piece of property.They possibly should lose custody of the child.

  • drwtsn32

    Absolutely unbelievable.

  • Bonnie

    "Murderers - Habitual Thieves - and women who screw welfare system"

    These comments are typical of someone who just hasn't a brain cell!.......I too like Stinky have survived years of trauma as a result of being abused. It has almost killed me, and each and every day I fight to survive the devastation it has left me in.The abuser-molester or whatever the hell u call him ( I prefer MONSTER) in the eyes of the victim- can "never ever" do enough time!....The "victim" is the one left doing the time! The father wasn't only negligent but completely and utterly mad leaving his daughter alone with such a monster....the mother is also accountable.

    I could trust a thief....or murderer...before I could ever trust a pedophile !

    Hopefully that young girl will get the support and help from the social services....and the agencies that are now around for abuse victims.She will need all the help she can get.....she has been violated not only once by her fathers uncle, but secondly now by the people who she trusted to protect her- her parents!.......

    I pray every day for all the children who have survived- but most of all for those who didn't!

    The parents should be taken to court and charged with child abuse and neglect.

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