Finding out that jws are not what they make out to be

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  • AnonVet

    Here's 4 books I have read. Pick one. It's a great read:

    Crisis of Conscience by Raymond Franz. It's an insider's look at somebody who left the Governing Body and the reasons he left.

    In Search of Christian Freedom by Raymond Franz. It opens your mind to what Jesus really preached and how Christians are expected to act toward others.

    The Gentile Times Reconsidered by Carl O Jonsson. If you're into history, this is a great read. It shows how stubborn the Governing Body is when it comes to actual science and fact.

    Sign of the Last Days When by Carl O Jonsson. This one shows how misguided the Governing Body is when it comes to fact and what they will do to bend their "truth".

    I've read every article here: Pick and choose what appeals to you.

    Currently I'm reading 1984. A little less JW-specific, but quite relevant I think.

  • Vidiot

    ScenicViewer - "Not only is the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses not everything it pretends to be, it is absolutely nothing it pretends to be."

    Which is, of course, WHY it pretends.


    Your not alone my friend. It is a cult. I got out three years ago. You will be just fine. The people in the JW cult are brain washed so don't take anything they do personally. This songs lyrics helped me as I was leaving the cult. attached the link on YouTube.

    P.S. Thank you for sharing your story it will help many.

  • joe134cd

    I'm probably going to get shot for saying this. I think it's great that the behaviour of the attendents at the convention were the things that woke you up. Good for you and welcome to this forum. I think what your partner has to realise however is weather people are JWs or not, we judge a book by its cover. I know we shouldnt but its how it is. Even Samuel did when he over looked David for king of israel.If I was an attendant and saw a person who fitted your partners description walking around outside and wasnt known by anyone. What are they to think. They didn't know that he had a major issue with something that was said and that despite the rough exterior he is a loving man. OMG he could of been there for anything e.g casing cars, young children in the toilet or the building to break in later. How do you know it wasnt a sister who reported him to the attendants when they saw him go into the toilets after their 6 year old son did. Just say that there was a sexual assault in the toilet with someone who fitted your husbands appearance. I guess we would all be slamming Wt now for there negligance and security, when it was obvious that this guy looked out of place. Not to mention the legal ramifications.Hey im not been nasty im just trying to give you a perspective on how this might of played out.One must always take precautions in large gatherings particularly when they are unknown and have a distinctive look.

  • nomorepain13
    Joe1234cd - I understand what you're saying. My mother told me that there was a man going to each convention in britain causing a scene. Our problem wasn't with the attendants stopping my fiance, it was the way they acted. When my fiance answered them and even pointed to where he was sitting that should of been the end of the conversation. There was no need to stop my fiance AGAIN and corner him with 3 other attendants, it just wasn't necessary. If they wanted to be extra cautious they could of asked him to escort him back to his seat and then when they saw that he was sitting down next to someone else they should of apologised and explained to him why they had to ask him so many damn questions. It's all about how you treat people. There's nothing wrong with being weary but they could of least had the dignity to act polite! It wasn't my fiance who thought that witnesses were different - he actually thought the complete opposite. It was me who thought they would treat him differently and that's what's made me think. If I was treated the same way as he was at a convention I would never go back to one!
  • joe134cd

    Hey I understand what your saying. But I guess that's what you get when you have untrained individuals doing a job that they are not qualified to carry out.

  • nowwhat?

    What's amazing is they waste all that time doing the invitation work for the convention and then the attendants are instructed to confront anyone who doesn't look like a witness!

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