Kingdom Hall Renovation Question: Who Pays?

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  • joe134cd

    Like every other scheme WBTS comes up with just proves to be a scam.

    i heard 2nd hand of an incident where a sizeable amount of money was left to the congregation ( I think it was to the tune of 10-20k). It was around the same time the TVs were been introduced into the halls.

    The congregation elders had decided that they were going to use the money to purchase one of these state of the art projector screens. The CO got wind of the cash fall and told the elders that they were to hand the money over to HQ.

    The elders stood up to the CO showing him that the will stipulated that the money was for the KH, and that this was not only going against the wishes of deceased but could also cause some accounting and legal problems. The CO backed down and the congregation got their state of the art projector.

    Like I said I heard this information 2nd hand and it was a while ago.

  • Crazyguy

    What a scam, steal all the money then when they need money for a major project oh well you need to collect more money until you can cover the costs yourself. JWs are so gullible!!!!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    No total funding amount was ever disclosed to the congregation, just a "large cost". No other accounting information, no "funds on hand" figures, or "this is how much we need to come up with". Just..... "we need more, if this project is to go forward". - TECH49

    This is amazing. Only in a cult could you get away with this.

    "Remember brothers, we need to keep contributing, so that there might be an equalizing"!!

    I should have gotten into the "equalizing" business!

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