death at the 'memorial'

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  • brandnew
    Just another day.....sorry
  • zeb
    Condolences to those who lost love ones.
  • Simon

    Sad to hear anyone's tragic news of losing loved ones suddenly.

    Anyone using it as an excuse to "score points" shows how low and despicable some people can be.

  • punkofnice

    This is very saddening news. I agree with magnum and others; where was Jehovah®?

    Another sad thing is that in cases like these, somewill use it as an experience® to show the love and guidance of Jehovah®.

  • stuckinarut2
    It will be used as an experience to highlight how "we can endure while under trials in the old World!"
  • Diogenesister

    Its awfull.I'm so sorry for that poor brother. RIP his poor wife.

    But I'm can they think Jahwill fix a leaking pipe or deliver sand to the new complex, but not protect that couple...or those poor souls in the philla?pino Cong in the hurricane or ( tsunami?)

  • LevelThePlayingField
    I totally agree with you Diog, yes, why is it that JW's say that Jah will do those things like bring sand in which is a miracle but not perform another miracle and have the car dodge that couple? Now two lives are in tragedy.
  • millie210

    Exactly Diogenesister, It is reasoning on it like you did above that made me realize that JWs operate on a high level of superstition.

    Of course they would call it "faith" but when a person adds in reason, it fails the litmus taste and is revealed as just plain ole superstition, pure and simple.


    The same thing happened at the 2014 Memorial. You would think that Jeehibbity-hop could send one Angel to protect his people on the most sacred night. NOPE.....

    If you want to bitch and moan about tasteless comments, fine. Just remember that someone dies every single day, often because of religious lies that lead to evil actions or inaction that may have changed the outcome. By that reasoning, we should NEVER joke about those things, or point out religious idiocy, because there could never be an appropriate time.

    Two people die and its a tragedy, a million babies die and its a statistic. God doesn't do jack-shit, and I won't stop commenting about that.



    Don't worry about that couple. There are far worse ways to die. In their religion, they died a fabulous death! They died together, which is more than most couples can expect, and they died "faithful."

    They will be resurrected and not married, and will be single forever; free to sing praises to Jeehoober 24/7! That is a grand prospect!


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