Interesting observations at an SDA church

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  • blondie

    Wow, I wouldn't want anyone to know I wasted that much time doing it. I wasted enough with the WTS publications.

  • joe134cd

    There is certainly evidence to suggest that Ellen G White at the very least could of had Masonic leanings. Like Russel there are no direct links to Free masonry, just a lot of circumstantial and speculative evidence. Based on the times that the 2 religions were formed, when Masonic lodges were quite trendy and popular, and their predecessor (William Millar) was a free mason himself, it would be hard to rule it out, when considering the rest of the evidence.

    The other thing that really strikes me. Is how both faiths ( and they are unique in this) believe that Michael the archangel is Jesus Christ.

  • barry

    This is from the Movie ' The road to Wellville' About john Harvey Kellogg a famous SDA and close friend of Ellen White. I think this is why Ellen White was against bicycle riding

  • barry
    barry This is from 'The road to Wellville ' and Dr John Harvey Kellogg a prominent SDA and close friend of Ellen White. Kellogg founded the SDA Sanitoriums and introduced many crazy medical treatments. This video may explain why Ellen White was so against bicycle riding

  • joe134cd

    Barry: Im just curious on your view of the SDA church.

    Do you think that E.White was more inspired than the likes of J.Smith or C.Russel. Do you think that the SDA is the more truer form of Christianity than the JWs even though they have similar beginnings and similar doctrine.

    What do you think the future holds for the SDA. I think eventually they will supersede the jw/lds, but will they become a more smaller weaker religion, that will be totally unrecognisable from what they are today. In your opinion is the church consisting mainly of immigrants, and retirees. Clearly the internet has to be having some kind of impact on them.

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