Congrats to Kim Mikey!

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  • Hadriel

    ...again for what its worth I've seen a different side of them. To Mike's point btw they don't do videos to help others come out or be exposed to TTATT.

    Their focus is more toward those that are already out. In other words just keep exposing all the little things that they don't tell you.

    I get that Mike is crazy at times but I don't think he's a bad guy. In fact he's been done wrong by this org. He's reacting however he reacts.

    Whether he's right or not I've officially exited the judging business. To each his own.

  • awake!watcher

    I want to add that I didn't post this topic to try to pit Mike and Kim against anyone else. I posted it because it's reassuring to see how quickly the youtubers are being noticed and getting subscribers. John Cedars has reached 6000, which is also very impressive. I know they've had issues. I like them both and wish they could put their differences aside.

    There are many other youtubers who are growing fast, I learn something from all of them. They all have their own style and something to contribute.

  • Mrs. Peck
    Mrs. Peck

    Hey everyone!

    I am reading all of the negative posts about Kim and Mikey. I started watching their videos several months ago and I find them to be very informative and interesting. Yes, Mikey gets his crazy eyes at times, LOL, but they also have not been out of JW's all that long. I have been out since 2002 and the first years after leaving, I felt very angry and bitter. I remember the sheer feelings of resentment. But, after years pass, you tend to mellow out and the bitterness fades. I think Kim and Mikey are still in the bitter stage to some degree and are still sorting through all of their feelings and new found freedom. I myself had dealings in the Kingdom Hall with Elders that were abusive and less than welcoming. When you start waking up after a lifetime of being under Watchtower "control", it is almost like a shock to your mental/emotional state! It's sort of like a spring that has been held down and suddenly let loose and boing!!! That spring is bouncing everywhere.

    I will say that that maybe there are those who are offended by Kim and Mikey's approach, but I can also tell that they are VERY genuine people and very kind hearted. They display raw emotion and feeling and verbalize them as such. They are the kind of folks that seem as though they would take the shirt off their back for you if you were in need and probably always have their door open for you.

    After many years out now, I feel the need less and less to "bash" the Watchtower organization. I really do not go out of my way to bring it up unless I am asked a question or two. But in that case, I respectfully explain my issues and point out faulty reason with logic, but I am not doing so in an angry manner. After awhile, you just do not have the mental energy for all the inner turmoil. I recognize where WT is wrong, and I am clear as to why to I no longer belong. Plain and simple.

    Kim and Mikey are no different than a lot folks who are newly "out". They will go through phases and changes and as that happens so will the mood of their videos. Some of us handle the bitterness and hurt differently. For them the videos are probably cathartic and it helps them to get all of their frustrations out in the open. I applaud Kim and Mikey for having the patience and taking the time to do the videos! I certainly do not have the time and probably not the patience, LOL. But I understand where they are coming from.

    In the meantime, they do have some of the best ex-JW videos out there! They do their research and really have the facts before they put anything out there. You can research online most any topic they post.

    So don't be so hard on them. I hope to be fortunate enough to meet them someday.

    Just my thoughts. Thanks!

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I think 3000 subs for them and 6000 for Cedar is great news. Anyway wish them better results in the future because we are all on the same side expose the WT for the ham that it is.

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