Congrats to Kim Mikey!

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  • juandefiero
    I forgot: Which one of them is BANNED from even posting on this forum anymore because of their antics, lying, bullying, and hard-pigheadedness? 'Nuff said.

    I only call it as I see it.

    Simon can ban anyone he pleases for any reason. That's the prerogative of being the boss.

    Just because someone isn't banned doesn't mean they're not full on Gomer Pyle mixed with Christian Evangelical craziness and irrational.

    There are plenty of people on this forum that are sane and plenty that "need a little help" if you get what I mean. There are also people on this forum that "give apostates a bad name."

  • Simon
    Simon can ban anyone he pleases for any reason. That's the prerogative of being the boss.

    Cool !

    ... except it doesn't work like that in reality. People are deleted when they don't keep to the rules and it's clear they are just trying to be disruptive.

    We're not going to have topics about him on this site.

  • ducatijoe

    Amen to that Simon!

    I use this site to try and keep up to date on the WBTS. I put over 50 years of my life believing it all and now enjoy being out yet staying up to date. This site for the most part does that.

    Not to listen to people rant and rave.

  • mana11

    What have YOU done to get the watchtower exposed?. Apart from making a few comments or posts here.

    I see each one having merit. Each website, youtube, reddit, EACH Style has takers. If it is not your style that's ok. But, they have a 3k reach!. What do YOU have?.

    Think about it.

    The wt org is made up with every sort of person.

    Instead of being negative you should all send a donation to assist if you are really serious about helping others leave show it. Send donations to every site in support of the effort.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Mike and Kim feel a certain way and act a certain way, some like, some do not.

    Cedars...same thing.

    Best to have both doing activist work if it helps anyone.

    What is NOT cool is when "apostates" fight internally and that becomes public knowledge, it will just feed a dub who is doubting that all apostates are indeed bitter.

  • jookbeard
    not a milestone that should be celebrated IMO, full of anger,hate and agendas, just think what doubting jw's think when they stumble upon them. Their behaviour in recent months has been nothing short of shameful.
  • OneEyedJoe

    Kim & Mikey are "nuts" and "give apostates a bad name"?

    WTF? Those two seem like some of the most genuine people I've ever heard talk about the WatchTower cult.

    They are a bit more "country" living in the southwest USA. But oh hey! Let's praise John Cedars, who shamelessly struts around looking like a disgruntled, out-of-work postal employee with a bad attitude. Yeah, he's a real winner. *GAG*

    If Mike and Kim had been the first apostates that I encountered when I started looking online, it definitely would've delayed my waking up. From what I've seen, Mike and Kim just seem to be making videos to taunt, belittle, and laugh at JWs. There doesn't seem to be an ounce of concern for active JWs, they start their videos with taunts like "active JWs might as well just turn this off right now because we're going to look at old light from old literature!" And often laugh heartily at absurd doctrine that, I will admit, would be funny if not for the millions that it has enslaved. I've not seen one video that would make a believing JW think they're anything but bitter angry apostates trying to justify their wrong lifestyle. I'm incredibly thankful that I found Paul Grundy's work well before I found theirs.

    I will say that Cedars is probably not helping things with his personal grooming...and some of his videos (like the prank call to AMIII) would likely do more harm than good for a believing JW that happens upon them, but at least he usually seems to express genuine disappointment and concern for the way JWs are enslaved and for the clear flaws in doctrine and policy. Maybe his appearance is a turn off but I think for most JW men it doesn't take long to realize that if he's right about what he's saying, it makes sense that he might enjoy the freedom to have a beard upon leaving. Again, I'm glad I found jwfacts first, but I don't think Cedars would've sent me running back to the cult like Mike and Kim would've.

    As cathartic and humorous as it can be to poke fun at our former beliefs with those that can relate, it's certainly not helpful for still-in JWs to be broadcasting it all over the internet without at least mitigating it a little to show concern and empathy for those who are still enslaved by these beliefs. To me Mike and Kim are only one step better than those that picket conventions - they simply give weight to the watchtower's assertion that apostates are angry, bitter, mentally diseased ones looking to gather followers. I see that this criticism can apply to Cedars too, but it's certainly to a lesser extent.

    That's just my opinion, though. Who knows...maybe there's someone out there to whom their apparently inebriated manner appeals and maybe they'll free a few. I certainly hope they help more than they hurt, I just see that they're taking a great deal of unnecessary risk if it is truly their goal to help JWs that might be having doubts.

  • WingCommander

    On the contrary:

    Nearly every video from KIm and Mikey start with "the nails in the coffin" CELEBRATING more and more people who have freed themselves from the evil WatchTower Cult. If that doesn't show EMPATHY for people, than I'm not sure what does? And as for "mocking" old WT beliefs; uhh......what of it? I myself, have to sit back and have a hearty laugh at the crazy, convoluted BS that the WT Cult has spewed of the last 100+ years. If you didn't laugh at this horsesh*t, you'd have to cry, it's that ludicrous. This is the point they are at. I've been out long enough now that I can share in it. Building your new HQ on top of an old toxic dump (American Nickel) all the while claiming it's "God's Direction"? Laughable and absurd. Claiming that a generation is now composed of "overlapping generations"? Whack-a-do! WT Cult is quickly becoming as absurd and laughable as Scientology with Xenu flying over volcanoes in DC-10's. What part isn't funny, besides the blood policy and shunning?

    I will say that I find website to be the very best, as all it does is provide information from the WT's own literature, and then asks people to make up their own minds. No slant either way. In this respect, Paul Grundy's site is the very best. I haven't looked at Kim & Mikey's "website". I only know of their YouTube video's. If they have some other site, I'm not aware of it.

  • Crazyguy
    I like Kim and Mike, yeah they go off the rails once in awhile like when Mike got all into the subliminal pics etc but for the most part thier entertaining and they sometimes share stuff I haven't seen or read anywhere else.
  • WingCommander
    Oh wait a damn minute: Mike didn't actually buy into that "Subliminal images in the artwork" bullcrap, did he? That was some crazy sh*t! The only time I recall Mikey "going off the rails" was when Cedars had insulted Kimey by calling her a "C*nt" or something, and Mikey actually made a crazy video calling Cedars out on it. But other than that, I must have missed the "subliminal WT art" video. lol. WOW.

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