God punishing organization

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  • asp59

    If you are a JW you think God is punishing watchtower? After watchtower got banned in Russia and buildings seized, lot's JWs said Russia would be punished. Instead it went the other way. Org kept losing in court with child abuse cases. Lots of JWs died from convid. Stop of door to door preaching and personal meetings. Don't see Putin getting remove from power.

  • hoser

    I see the watchtower corporation as a rudderless, captainless vessel steaming at full power in an ocean full of icebergs.

    It’s like when Kodak doubled down on film cameras and Sears doubled down on brick and mortar shopping.

    Incompetent leadership has nothing to do with God.

  • Overrated

    The Engine is on, it's in drive, there is morons behind the wheel. More failure to come. But it is God's spirit directed Organization!?!

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    Jehovah is just giving the GB enough rope to hang themselves.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''Stop of door to door preaching and personal meetings. Don't see Putin getting remove from power.''

    And, I always was told or taught since childhood that nothing will stop the preaching work, until we're told to stop. That even the stones would cry out.

  • waton

    they are preaching to themselves at the meetings, via faked telephone calls and is watched on zoom. They are still sending letters, often written over days, inviting public to jworg programs. is that "preach the kingdom, then the end will come"????. ha ha.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    They write to me. They wont speak to me but they write to me. Then if I go and knock on their door to thank them for their letter... guess what, they close the door in my face.

  • Overrated

    More and likely their letters get put in the trash. And if they call, they get no answer or someone like me that will ask them tough questions that will cause them to end the call.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Don't blame God. The problems are caused by having incompetent ex missionaries, ex DO's and the like trying to run a multi billion dollar corporation. They have no education, no training and no real experience. A recipe for disaster.


  • asp59
    We going no we're with GB arrangement but downhill. They have to many benefits being part of GB arrangement so no changes are coming. That was that with watchtower.

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