U.S. Search Teams Find Buried Iraqi Jets

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  • Panda

    Not only Nanking (today NanJing) but also the horrible biological weapons tested on the Chinese people of HeiLongJiang (Manchuria) entire areas were bombarded with various plague and chemicals, then the victims were dissected OFTEN STILL ALIVE so the Japanese could watch how the diseases or chemicals were "progressing". Many people in Northern China who lived through the plague eventually died from future complications. I believe chemical and biological warfare are wmd.

    Many servicemen were also experimented on by the Japanese in China. Brits, Aussies, Americans all captured and turned into human petrie dishes. They were frozen to see how long they could be frozen and live. Now, lets see I guess that doesn't count because it's not nuclear?

    If nothing else... SH used wmd on the Kurds. You've all seen the film footage. And if you don't care about the Kurds how about OsamaBinLaden gassing puppies in Afghanistan? I wonder where his killer gas came from? Maybe the same place his dialysis equipment came from? Maybe, huh?

    What manner of idiot burries a jet in the sand? The kind who thinks "If I can't have it, you can't either" Let's consider him a sociopath .. born w/o a conscience, with a messianic complex to be THE leader of the Arab world, paranoid always alert to real or imagined personal danger -- who knows? Definitely unsure of his personal safety. His grandiosity always sits upon the real key of insecurity. Under his grand palace is a huge bunker w/ weapons etc. SH regime was a grandiose fascade over a a siege state. He'd rather have some innocents killed just to make sure to get all of the plotters.

    Hey nobody asked you to fight. US has an all volunteer military. Have some sense of proportion and do something to support all of the forces attempting to make Iraq a better place for Iraqi's. Also read Michael Mendelbaum's "Ideas that Conquer the World" a fastenating political post-Cold War take on politics and economy. Why the global economy is reliant on both democracy and free markets. REal freedoms and not corporatism. Control by psychopaths of an entire nations GDP is no longer acceptable to the global economy. The Iraqi people, like the people of Qatar will finally benefit from their natural largesse.

    There has never been a war fought like this one. Ask any WWII vetran. They'll tell you. SO peace and love.

  • Abaddon

    I thought this was funny;

    Perhaps researching into the Japanese mindset of the time would help too.

    mmm... seems to me a lot of people are worried about the AMERICAN mindset of these times.

    Fortunately I realise that the 'USA Right or Wrong', 'Do As We Say Not As We Do', 'Might Is Right' and 'Rabid Right-Wing Redneck' stereotypes are just those. Stereotypes.

    Just like all Muslims are suicide bombers and all Israelis are hypocritical mothercopulators perpertrating their peoples' past on another peoples' future are stereotypes.

    Just like Germans being humourless superior blowhards, French being lecherous smelly and food obsessed with no musical taste, and British being pompous baffons who don't know the Empire is over (with bad teeth) are stereotypes.

    Unfortunately when a stereotype is so often reinforced by the behaviour of a certain sector of that society, and when it's reasonably clear that the US government were either very clever with their portrayal of information or stunningly incompetant, and those same people are in charge of the most devasating millitary machine ever created, it worries people.

    Funny that.

    Turn the tables.

    Imagine that Russia had gone to war in Iraq using the same reasonsing and justification as the USA., and without the backing of the UN.

    Imagine that Russia were holding people in a legal loophole that, on their own soil, would be a violation of a persons rights, and that many countries had voiced concerns about.

    Imagine that there were clear signs that having supported and supplied a dictator when convenient, when the time came to secure a long-term stategic base in the region Russia had done what the USA did, and gone to war against that same dictator.

    Imagine if Russia spent five times more on the millitary than the next highest spender, and acted like that.

    ALL the right-wing Americans on this board would be making, if anything, more noise in protest than they do to try and defend the USA today.

    Very very funny.

    But, like I say, I take comfort from the fact that stereotypes are just that, and there are many Americans who don't don't don't believe the hype., as Public Enemy might say.

  • Special K
    Special K

    I thought it was weird that sadam had all these planes buried

    Didn't make any sense.

    I suppose if I was going to hide something in Iraq.. stuffing them inthe sand would be my first choice.

    Hitler had some of his fortunes dumped in lakes to hide them.

    I just wonder how much they'll go for on .. E BAY? but I havent' seen them on there yet.

    Special K

  • DakotaRed

    Imagine that Russia had gone to war in Iraq using the same reasonsing and justification as the USA., and without the backing of the UN.

    And what does that have to do with anything? Is this the typical liberal/socialist effort to cloud the issue with a lot of what ifs and maybes?

    As for the comment about the Japanese mindset back in 1945, you also try to cloud that over by a banal effort at twisting it to today, when it was clearly intended as a comment regarding events of 58 years ago. *sigh* I guess when you have no real facts, clouding issues is all that's left.

    But, since the thread is about burying jet aircraft, allow me to ask, if they could hide full sized jets underground for all this time, how much easier to bury and hide a vial of anthrax, serin, or any of the other chemical agents? A full nuclear program was buried in one man's back yard, so how easy will it be to find the small vials?

    And, while you're thinking of how to cloud it all over, please comment on why some Iraqis are now suffering from radiation sickness after looting a site there. Could it be they got ahold of some forbidden nuclear material?

  • Yerusalyim

    He wasn't suppossed to have the jets, he had the jets, and it took us this long to find them. Imagine how much harder it's going to be to find the WMD which are MUCH smaller than jets.

  • DakotaRed

    Patio, I have to disagree that the US and UK broke international law by invading Iraq. Resolution 1441 gave us the right to if Saddam didn't live up to the ceasefire agreement. Granted, I give you that some of the signees of that resolution later said they didn't sign it for that reason, but still, last I heard, neither nation has subjected themselves to the UN. If we ever do, it will be the biggest mistake we ever made.

  • Abaddon

    As has been stated, ad nauseum, Saddam was a bad man and it is good he has gone.

    What is sad is that people on the right, who were bellowing about the masses of WMD that he had, now jump up in delight when he has a few fighters buried in sand.

    DId the US and UK (see, I'm anti-British, woo!) decide to invade because he had a few fighters buried in the sand?

    No, they clearly decided to invade because Saddams possesion of WoMD put surrounding nations at risk. That's what they SAID.

    No WoMD, so either;

    1. No Iraqi wants the huge amounts of money they would get (and residence in the UK or USA and new identities) for revealing the hiding places of WoMD.
    2. Politicians were lied to by the millitary and passed the lies on.
    3. The millitary were incompetant in their assesment of the threat of WoMD and this information effected politician's decisions.
    4. Politicians knowingly lied.
    5. Someone in the chain between politicians and the millitary was incompetent or lied.
    6. Reptiloid aliens from Zarquon dematerialised the WoMD in an attempt (as pinko commie alien scum) to destabilise the god-loving US government (sorry, make that pinko commie athiest alien scum).

    I find 1. and 6. unlikely. What thinkest thou?

  • Panda

    Abbabdon, I am happy that you clarified that you think SaddamHussein is a "bad guy." So maybe there are a few more facts you will agree with ---

    Let's see ---

    1) the UN voted on 1441 and it passed. If you think that the nations who voted for this and later said "oh, but we had no idea that the Brits and Americans would go this far." Are liars.

    1a)Just like the Greeks who only disagreed in order to blackmail the US into giving them more cash FOR AIDING THEM. Now the Greeks are an ancient culture who commonly received gold and goods for NOT attacking other medditerranean nations (or city states way back when). So blackmail has a long and classiacal tradition. But I guess that's way way too ancient history for you?

    1b) Or how about the French and Russians who were correctly nervous that their back roads to getting Iraqi oil and/or cash would be found out.

    1c) Or the Syrians who nervously watched their border NOT because of fear of US military but because they hoped to grab some cash from fleeing Iraqi leaders.

    1d) and if 1 year ago is too ancient of a UN history to be applied , then you need to re-read Santayana's famous quote, if you don't know about Santayana then you will do some of your own research.

    2) Proof of WMD had been filmed --- the Kurds rememeber , were gased and died tortuous deaths --- nerve gases are WMD okay --- so there were obviously WMD okay --- is there really any question that nerve gas are WMD?

    2a) Do you need proof of the point of origin of the man- made gas? If it wasn't made in Iraq then maybe it was produced in HMMMMMM ---France --- I've been thinking we should invade France anyway, you know how we Americans are so uppity about taking control of this crazy mad world, so why not?

    Just for fun I thought you'd appreciate an old greek custom in anti-logic (a syllogism): You are a man, Saddam is a man; You are Saddam

  • Abaddon
    Proof of WMD had been filmed --- the Kurds rememeber , were gased and died tortuous deaths --- nerve gases are WMD okay --- so there were obviously WMD okay --- is there really any question that nerve gas are WMD?

    Oh please, don't insult me; Iraq was NOT invaded due to it gassing the Kurds. That happened whilst the West still needed Saddam, and they let him get away with it. So you're argument is silly at best and dishonest at worse, as you know Iraq was invaded under many many pronouncements of how they had stockpiles of WoMD that could be deployed.

    No evidence of this is forthcoming, and as I say, 1. and 6. of my list are unlikely.

  • Yerusalyim


    You act as if the only reason given for taking out Saddam was WMD, it wasn't. Bush and Blair consistently said it was for several reasons, amonst them were WMD, which EVERYONE said he had, Terrorism, the links have been proven, and that he was just a plain nasty guy and a threat to the peace of the middle east.

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