how many kingdom hall

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  • Phizzy

    With all the down sizing and other money savings they have made, when the big money from Brooklyn and London sales dries up they will have a much leaner org to finance.

    They will continue to turn a profit where they can from selling K.Halls and Assembly Halls, but one day they will find that the whole thing is cash strapped.

    They will then have to rely on increased donations, which is not a guaranteed level of income.

    As they lose members, as the Abuse Scandal gets through to the R&F, I can see donations going down and down.

    The future is not rosy for JW Org, nor should it be, they are way past there sell by date.

  • Vidiot

    What Phizzy said.

  • Vidiot

    re. the OP...

    I'd be very surprised if they were building more than they were selling.

  • ToesUp

    You would need new members to build new halls. I think there are tons more people leaving than there are joining. All you have to do is Google Jehovahs Witnesses and a ton of negative info comes up. The internet is Killing them and will continue affecting their numbers.

    Some that are pissed are staying in due to the social networking, family and some have to stay if they work for another JW. The ones that are pissed are voting with their wallets. We have spoken to a few of these ones.

  • Vidiot

    ToesUp - "...the ones that are pissed are voting with their wallets..."

    Never underestimate the potential impact and significance of this.

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