Conspiracy theorys

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  • MrRoboto

    are there any conspiracy theories that turned out to be correct?

    yes, but whether you accept the truth is up to you.

    heres a big one involving litereally millions of people. they should all go public right? wrong, most of them think they are on the right side and they are only involved in doing their small part to keep it going. The teach false knowledge to people and virtually enslave them, altering their personality, thinking and mindset in the process. they destroy families, friendships, lives. the are involved in human sacrifice (blood issues and others)

    you may have heard of it, its called Jehovahs Witnesses.


    Appealing to the authority of MythBusters is really quite silly. The myth of the infallability of MythBusters has been debunked but the best part is the who dunnit. It was on their own show, admitting they were wrong after a viewer proved it to them. So lets not appeal to them to prove anything beyond how entertaining TV really can be.


    This next item doesnt fall into the realm of theory since it is self admitted by the perpetrators. False flag attacks. Im not going into the "CT" ones but just look back at history and the ones that are publically admitted and the ones that are publically admitted to have been planned. That should tell you something about the willingness of people to do these things. lets not extrapolate that to mean more though.

    Lastly, just because you reject an idea does not in itself make it false or theory.

  • freddo

    Conspiracy Theorists never seem to believe that cannabis is harmful. I think that they are being lied to by THEM.

  • OrphanCrow

    Has anyone else noticed that those who expound on conspiracy theories can't spell?

    Thread title: conspiracy theorys theories

    Drop the y and add "ies"

    Easy peasy (grade one or grade two?)

    And you want other people to take you seriously?


    Everyone said, back in the 90s, that the internet would make people smarter - dictionaries right at a person's fingertips!

    yeah, right

    Too lazy to use the tools that are available


    And don't give me that shit that English is your second language

  • Hanged Man
    Hanged Man

    You missed an "f" in pffffft

  • MeanMrMustard

    I must say, I am verry happily that I do’nt hav that sort of ishyou.

  • scratchme1010
    l think sometimes people are afraid of being ridiculed posting these types of subjects but at the end of the day in one way or another they all affect us directly or indirectly.Not everyone is interested in these topics and that's fine simply ignore the posts.

    They should Those things exist and there's no need to prove otherwise. Anything against the existence of:

    9/11 - I was living in New Jersey that day. I saw the smoke from the other side of Staten Island. I used to hang out every weekend at the Borders bookstore in one of the towers (interestingly, that was the one and only part of the buildings that stood up after the attack).

    ufo's - By the very definition of what they are, yes. Are they what we see on TV and what some clowns that claim they are, no.

    atom bombs - yes, they are, yest they happened.

    The banking system - at least my bank account exists.

    Seems like lately some attention seekers are starting to post crap over the internet about the earth being flat and similar shit.

    People seem to have too much time in their hands.

  • atomant

    meanmrmustard actually lm a very good spella just get lazy when typen.Theres no chem trails wherel live btw.l got A for English.We spell fings different down under.For instance in usa colour down under color.Plus l had a stroke years back so that doesn't help.

  • MeanMrMustard

    @atomant: riiiiiggght, you just think you have no chem trail poinson floating around you. They do that to pacify you and make you obedient. Denying it is proof you have been exposed.

    nuff said

  • atomant

    meanmrmustard l guess what your saying is just because l cant see the jets spraying chem trails doesn't necessarily mean they're not their.Maybe if l observe the sky with a infrared camera l might sight a cloaked incognito jet spraying invisible trails.That is why l always wear a mask that filters heavy metals when l venture outside and drink distilled water so my third eye (pineal gland) remains functioning unlike the 99% of the population.And l live in a glass dome with its own atmosphere and grow my own food using seeds that have not been genetically modified.

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