2/10/20 20 hindsight: the wt fiction fig tree

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  • waton

    This week's, 2-10- 2020 Jesus lesson 103, parables of The Fig Tree, prematurely spreading leafs, cursed because of raising false expectations.

    What a perfectly fitting facsimile for the fruitless fiction that the wt corporation has produced during "Christ's presence"

    !8xy, 1914, 1925, 1975, 2000, 2075

    By their [prophetic] fruits you will know them, or the figurative fig leafs, not even covering the bare wt facts.

  • skin

    Jesus should have known not to expect figs growing out of season on a fig tree.

  • waton
    Jesus should have known not to expect figs growing out of season on a fig tree.

    S. Figs are fickle, we know, living in fig country. there are 2 yearly growths, and often out of sync, resulting in a fig failure. or two.

    Point is, The story makes a valid analogy for wt works. Making predictions, promises, particularly involving the future, gives you only a 50/50 chance of success. at best.

    Wt got only number 1914 right, but wrong what should have happened there. the rest were total flopps.

    Was "Jesus" showing his incompetence, impatience, short fuse, ? its just a story, but we could be forgiven to think the chronicler made a prediction about 2 dimensional

    false promisses, a wt specialty.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    CT Russell in the Watchtower predicted that by 1914 the world was to become a paradise. He got it precisely wrong, the opposite happened namely world war.

    So I would say categorically that they have never got any prediction right. On the other hand they have dined out theologically speaking on 1914 for a century even though they got it wrong. Cult leaders are like this.......and true believers dare not question them.

    As you say "false promises" is a Watchtower speciality. I would go further and say that historically it is the signature characteristic of the JW org and everyone coming in contact with them should learn that they are a bunch of delusional loonies.

    The fig tree incident never happened, it's a story but one created to tell the faithful that the Jews were no longer god's 'chosen' ones. A good point you make that the JW org can be compared to the barren fig tree. They will brag and say look at our fruit, unity and peace! Others will say why then did you get all your predictions wrong if God is only working through you?

  • waton
    They have never got any prediction right!

    Hb: Scary part is, they are still making predictions. That is why the fig tree illustration is so timely, makes sense. Fig leafs are green, two dimensional, and that is all wt has produced for itself, ultimately, the greenbacks.

    Not to say that some people have not found solace in association with religion.

    After all, Fig leafs figured even after the fall.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    By the way I suggest that the story did not happen because the morning after the curse, the tree miraculously dried up including the roots. OK, in a hot land, though unlikely, the leaves conceivably could wither and fall in a day but the roots even in a hot desert would take longer to dry out.

    I have four fig trees (Brown Turkey variety) but adore the white figs of the hotter regions with full Mediterranean climate. Where are you Waton?

  • sir82

    Wt got only number 1914 right,

    What did the WTS get right about 1914? Exactly and verifiably? What did they predict would happen in 1914, and what did happen?

  • eyeuse2badub

    What the watchtower got something wrong? Go fig---ure!

    just saying!

  • waton
    What did the WTS get right about 1914?

    s82: the 1 and the 9 and the 1 and the 4.

    the story did not happen because the tree miraculously dried up including the roots.

    Hb: right, it is a story, Kinder Garten logic level. Magic trees, gorgeous gourds, talking snakes and donkeys.

    Just because the figless figtree fits the failures of wt writers does not mean the book is flawlessly inspired.

    not endorsing, just encouraging creative interpretation.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Providing 1 year can be 8 years long they got 1914 right. It's just a variation on the theme of a day for a year. In their case 1 year for 8 years. Or thereabouts, roughly, give or take, generally speaking.

    No its not scriptural/right. But they don't care about being wrong. What they hate is being contradicted.

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