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  • Dunedain

    What the idiots on "top" don't even realize, is that if the "image" of the youth in the Organization WAS the bro's on the right, it probably WOULD draw more young ones into the organization.

    The Borg bitches, and is freaked out that there are no more young ones staying, and joining anymore. Well maybe if they allowed the "look" on the right, it would change the image, and make some feel more comfortable joining. Or, perhaps, that the org, maybe isn't sooo uptight, after all.

    The bros on the right, are still dressed modestly, and nicely. They look fashionable, in certain circles. They look like they take pride in their appearance. They look "clean", approachable, educated, and perhaps easy to talk to.

    Did the idiots in charge ever think that maybe that could help MORE people be receptive to the "truth". Its not like they are walking around with dyed pink mohawks, and their lips and eyebrows pierced. Which, very well, probably WOULD scare some people away. Nope, its quite the opposite.

    It really just emphasizes how out of touch, homophobic, and uneducated, the ignorant "leaders" of the man made religion are.


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  • Listener

    What stands out as being the most offensive from this photo is the nationality of the guys in the photo. Why on earth would they differentiate different nationalities of the guys in the slimmer pants?

    My personal preference for dress is the guy second from the left but his hairstyle is pretty awful and shows a lack of interest in looking smart, there's nothing at all about it that emphasis being well groomed.

    Certainly the guy on the far left is dressed modestly but what a horror story. The colour of his suit is very outdated and imo, yucky. It is so baggy as to give an overall impression of being untidy, there are creases showing from top to bottom.

  • Dunedain

    I just noticed something. The sign on the wall on the left, is in another language. Are they trying to imply that this dress is prevalent amongst whoever speaks that language, or is that nationality? Does anyone know what language that is?

  • smiddy

    A brother and I used to pick the decade when when JW`s came into the "truth" by the clothes they wore.

    In the small town where I live ,until recently their were only two supermarkets ,one which was frequented by JW`s after the sunday meetings ,and I was taken back by the dress/grooming of young married brothers hairstyles / clothing ,definetely tight pants close fitting suits ,haircuts shaved on the sides ,gelled on the top of there heads ,and pointy shoes that I thought only women wore.

    The young wives , were really trendy doled up to the hilt with long boots ,reasonable length skirts , and modern hairstyles , that they would fit in anywhere in the world.

    I think the GB secretly admire the Mormon dress code of their Missionaries.

  • sparrowdown

    Blatant pantsism!

    Are their any isms WT doesn't engage in?

  • lurkernomore

    We've been out for 2 years now. For a good few years before that our circuit was full of brothers from all age groups wearing tight fitting suits, including myself.

    No one ever batted an eye lid. TBH most thought they looked very sharp and smart. If I was to wear a suit now I'd still go for a slimmer fit. No idea what the fuss is about. This GB lot are barking up the wrong tree as far as I'm concerned.

  • stuckinarut2

    Come on!

    Has the society really lost its mind??

    Is this not the VERY thing that the scribes and pharasees did...Make up laws to put heavy loads on the shoulders of the flock!

    Seriously! They are WEARING SUITS! Not jeans, not shorts with holes, not tshirts.... but SUITS!

    This is just making the org look petty and childish!

  • pale.emperor

    I wonder what Jesus would think of all these modern day "followers" wearing trousers and blazers? Why arnt they wearing an abaya like he did?

  • dozy

    I notice the KH illustrated only has half a dozen rows of seats & a vast space at the back. Looks like one of my old congregations where there used to be over 160 every single meeting - now they very rarely get 100 in attendance and they have progressively removed rows of seats until now less than half the hall has seating. Maybe if they were a bit less Pharisaical then the younger generation wouldn't be voting with their feet and leaving.

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