Jack Felix

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  • vienne

    J. Felix was a long-term Circuit Overseer in the UK and the author of the 1973 Yearbook history of the work in the UK. Can you add to this brief biography?

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    He was a lovely man, as a CO in the 60's. His wife Kitty was completely batshit crazy but he was always kind and tolerant towards her. That is an unkind, politically incorrect way of putting it but as a young person at the time that's how we saw her. She eventually got some form of dementia.

    He was eventually used by the soc. as a trouble-shooter, someone who was drafted in to a cong. to get to the bottom of long standing rifts or problems.

  • waton

    what a fine way to live up to your name, felix meaning lucky, successful.

    being assigned to root out the bullies, the sociopaths of both genders that think they can do no wrong and are god's gift to mankind.

    lucky me, that was our assignment, lucky, even if our name was not felix, but now is.

  • steve2

    Is he and his wife still alive? Or, like generations of JWs before them, has their end preceded the end of the world?

  • jookbeard

    not heard of him but I'm all ears sounds an interesting chap, CO's in the UK during the 1960's were definitely slightly different , would love to hear more of him, I remember Denis Ashby and Phillip North, I wonder whatever happened to them both?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    some i do remember from the 60's--bevan vigo--peter ellis ( co's )-----ron drage ( do )---are now at mill hill ( or were ).

    does anyone recall oliver macdonald ? graham carmichael ?

  • jookbeard

    Wilf Gooch was another

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    yes--i remember wilf. branch serpent back then.

  • vienne

    I'm told Felix is dead, which is a shame. I'd like to talk to him about a point in the 1973 Yearbook history. Everyone who knew him seems to have liked him.

  • Phizzy

    Jack Felix was a real nice guy, I heard that in the end he was given an Apartment to live in that was part of a K.Hall in Kent, I think it was Maidstone.

    I remember when he first came to our Circuit decades ago, he drove his own car, a real old beast, and did as much of the maintenance on it himself, that he could manage.

    I also vaguely remember a conversation I had with him, on which I was challenging the "Society's" view on something, doctrinal or organizational, I cannot remember which, but I thought he would come down firmly on the Orthodox Society side of things, I remember it left me speechless when he agreed with me, with a smile and a laugh !

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