Thankful for my babies

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  • Alive!


    A true believing JW obeys and follows the words and 'encouragement' of the FDS.

    THAT is the nature of true JW faith.

    So really, we now have a situation it seems where in these far more 'urgent' times of the last days ( compared to previous decades) where 'apparently' people's lives are at stake as to whether they worship Jehovah under the direction of the FDS or not, where obedience to 'Jesus's brothers' is the hallmark of a true Christian identity - where edicts are issued warning that in the future, JWs might be asked to obey instructions which may seem unreasonable 'from a human standpoint' - you are explaining that in your congregation 'smart' folk pick and choose?

    Smiling here. Wow.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    It is my clear observation in mine and other surrounding Spanish congs. Just like a buffet, pick and choose.

    I guess the masses are tired of the constant cry of urgency for so freakin' long. Their little cry wolf game is OVAH.😉

    It is so much nice and easy this way too.


  • Alive!

    I'm sure it is 'nicer and easier' for some to pick and choose in the way you describe.

    But hardly in keeping with a sense of loyalty to the leadership's directions, who are 'god's mouthpiece' - you know?

    We were taught that self sacrifice and obedience strengthened our Christian character and faith ...... I am aware that on 'ground level' many in the congregations pay scant attention to the latest pronouncements of the FDS, choosing life styles and making choices that don't really sync with a faith that believes the end is truly nigh...I wonder how it will go when the forewarned instructions demanding obedience which such may seem 'unreasonable from a human standpoint' quote are delivered.

    Do you think the split in the congregations between those who are faithfully obedient to the FDS and those who 'pick and choose' will become very apparent?

    It truly seems to me, many seat warmers are made up of those who simply choose a highly social and connected network - whilst an internal desire for the truly spiritual and for TRUTH is somewhat diluted? What do you think DY?

  • corruptgirl

    Hi Beautifulmind! I'm Sanchy's wife.I always knew I was going to have kids even when I was in but I did worry to not wait too long because I didn't want them to be babies during "great tribulation ". I always felt that "having them in this system of things would be better because they will know what life here was like and appreciate the new system of things more and not turn on jehovah after the 1000 year trail". Lol what a load of bs,and how sad now that I think about it how I felt I had to excuse my wanting to have kids. Anyways now that we are out I am so grateful to have them! It has made this process alot easier because our family is already shunning us even though we're not expelled but at the end of the day I have my own little family and they are what make me truly happy to be alive!

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