Will it happen again?!?

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  • BornAgainGirl!

    Hi all! Happy August to you!

    I apologize if this has been brought up before, but what is everyone's take:

    Will the WTBTS yet again set forth a date for the end?

  • logansrun

    A big "NO."


  • searchfothetruth

    When the numbers are dwindelling, and new blood is needed then a flash of 'new light' may just appear.

    You never know with these con-artists....

  • mizpah

    As I mentioned on another thread, James Penton thought the Watchtower Society would reach a crossroads. One road would cause it to moderate its positions on many teachings and cause it to swing towards just being "a denomination among denominations." In other words, it would become acceptable to the majority of people. (A good example: the Mormon church.) The other road would lead it back to its old path of creating more dates and warnings to keep the rank and file under the strict control of the leaders and would continue to be viewed by the public as a sect or cult.

    At this point, it is hard to second guess which road the Society will take. There have been signs that is is easing up on some of their previous positions. But on the other hand, it remains almost paranoid on other issues. Whatever course, there will be significant changes in the Watchtower Society in the future.

  • Elsewhere

    You have to remember that they are offering a product that appeals to a small number of people... a nish market of religion if you will.

    There are people who like gossip, urban legends, strict rules, control, being persecuted and women who are submissive. This is the product that JWs have to offer. This is the product that JWs continue to fine-tune.

    As the population as a whole becomes more tolerant and educated, the JWs will pick up adherents that are more and more fanatical.

  • Goshawk

    Good point elsewhere


    The fanatics of today are the martyrs of tomorrow.

  • Simon

    I think they have been burnt in the past over that (1975) although, it was responsible for a massive growth at the time.

    Maybe if things go downhill they will be tempted to come up with something dramatic.

    As it is, it's hard for them to keep people really pushing things and putting 110% effort in when the message is "we don't know when, 'could be hundreds of years ..." (which is effectively what they say, even if the rank and file haven't woken up to it yet)

    I think the *key* thing coming up will be that they have to drop 1914. This is a biggie. They can't seriously keep pounding on about it being significant when it was 100 years ago but they know that they can't really drop it because their whole 'we were chosen by god' philosophy and therefore their authority (that they claim) hangs on it.

  • cat1759

    Now I am wondering if any of you heard about why the end didn't come in 1975?

    We were all told that the time we are living in is borrowed time. That Adam was busy naming the animals before he realized that he had no mate. So the time from 1975 on ward was the time it took for Adam to name the animals until Eve was brought forth. Now that is the reason they explained away the 1975 failed prophecy. They forgot to figure in the naming of the animals.

    And I forgot to put on my deordorant this morning. I made no phrophesy about it.


    As to your question Bornagain, they will find some reason why things didn't work and as mentioned in the thread it will be considered "new light". Of course the generation that saw the 1975 prophesy come and go will probably be the next generation to live forever. So hold onto your hats the ride is coming.

  • blondie

    No. They were burned too badly with 1975. They will just liberally insert words such as "soon" "near" "very soon" "very near" "fast approaching" "imminent" into the WTS publications.

    They could say that the literal paradise on earth came already but invisibly.


  • freedom96

    They will continue to dangle the carrot saying the end is right around the corner. They will count on new witnesses, or those who grew up in the WTS, and don't remember all the old predictions. If they plan on having a organized religion years from now, they will have to stop giving dates. We are on the brink of "new light" I believe, for they just cannot keep going on with all the dates that they have already suggested.

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