model railways

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  • Diogenesister

    Ive got an O scale flying Scotsman and a smallish set I’ve built up from childhood.

    Dad was big on them. When my parents argued and he took out the big guns it would always be “I sold my railway set for you!!!”(to buy their first house lol)I’ve been to the Brighton expo they hold once a year for model rail enthusiasts although my kids were more into the Daleks lol.welsh steam railway

    of course we love the Ffestiniog railway!

  • waton
    Apparently Rod Stewart is big into model railway

    In the 1930, we always had model railways Quality miniature electric and cheap tin, spring driven, we pried them apart. We also put hats, pots over them to animate those. Another fun was to put the tracks on the grand piano and have them launch into the air, floor.

    foolishness is tied up in the heart of those forever young.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Stan have you gotten into brass trains yet. That is probably my next step. The details you are able to replicate with brass rolling stock is impressive.

    going back to my late teens ( pioneer days ) i was friendly with Brian C--a fellow pio-dub. i helped him building an N gauge American mountain "pike" in a basement--floor to ceiling scenery . this was in the late 1960's.

    Brian went on to model American HO gauge brass--and became a very skilled painter / detailer of them...doing commissions for customers all over the world, becoming renowned for it to this day.

    The well known Pete Waterman wrote an article years back in the Peco "Railway Modeller " magazine and mentioned Brian as being his right hand man in connection with his model rail locomotive manufacturing business ( Just Like The Real Thing ), making brass locos.

    i lost all contact with Brian after i got divorced and severed all further connection to the cult. I wonder if Brian is still a dub ?..if hes still alive.

  • snugglebunny

    I have a small garden railway with around 60 feet of track. Making a suitable base was a problem. Eventually I discovered that artificial grass provided an ideal base and also because it's possible to pin the track to the artificial grass. I'm running just one loco: an LGB Stainz with 2 coaches.

  • recovering

    My layout is n gage and occupies 5 8x4 sheets of plyboard in my basement. It models the city of Boston and has spurs that run into the countryside replicating travel and freight between Maine and Connecticut. The railroads represented in my lay out include the Boston and Maine, New Haven ,New York Cental, Conrail, Amtrak and the MBTA.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath


    can you post some photos ?

  • recovering

    I am not great at the with this phone but I'll try

  • recovering

    I will try I am terrible with this phone ( no longer use a computer )

  • caves

    I love them. I cant wait to have one or more.

    I dated this gal way back and her parents were loaded. I walked into the fanciest house I'd ever been into and she took me to her dads "playroom". Inside was a train set encompassing almost the entire room with mountains, towns, villages , city's, people, animals, ect. She must have known how Id act, idk. She said I could play with it all. She shut the door and I have no idea how long I stayed in there. I was abruptly stunned by this tall male figure in the door way grinning. See, I had tied up one of the people and was trying to run over it with the train. I turned all kinds of red. Her dad came over and said "I do that all the time".

    I'd like to say I'm above doing that now if I had an indoor set but I cant because I know I would.

    I'd love to have a small mini train that runs all the way around my property. Rides for kids. That would be so much fun. Later in the future perhaps.

  • recovering

    I am having trouble posting just keeps cycling

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