Did you enjoy your visit to Bethel?

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  • zeb

    Have no desire at all even if i had the airfare.

    At a CS meeting he had some slides of bethel and i asked how was it none of the bros in the printer y were wearing ear muffs?

    This went up like a lead balloon.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    "how was it none of the bros in the printery were wearing ear muffs?"

    Don't worry, we are all getting new ears in the new system, just around the corner.

    Try telling that to all the poor fools who worked at the Sydney bethel construction in the early 90's (?) They used heaps of Isocyanate containing clear coat without any respiratory protection and thus suffer numerous health issues to this day.

  • Nevuela

    My JW roommate and I were just discussing some sweepstakes the other day that offered a prize vacation to anywhere in the US the winner wants to go, and she said if she could go anywhere, it would be to Warwick so she could visit Bethel.

    Why do these people always equate a trip to Bethel to a pilgrimage to the Holy Land? I mean, I get that that's pretty much how they see it, but how do they NOT see that it is a blatant example of idolatry? -_-

  • zeb

    I have looked up isocyanate.

    Masks and proper forced ventilation are definitely recommended.

    and avoid skin contact..

  • Betheliesalot

    And when someone gets back home they hold a "gathering" to show pictures of their worshiping Bethel. Almost like they went to the promised land. Just more proof it is a CULT.

  • Londo111

    I went in 1990, but it was my first time in NYC and still in my teens, so it was all an adventure.

    I went again 10 years later, Brooklyn HQ, the Farm, Patterson...and it was not the "spiritual boost" I had hoped. It was sort of a let down.

  • pale.emperor

    I went to the one in New York back in 2004 and the London one in 2009. At the time I genuinely enjoyed the New York one simply because I believed it was the dwelling place of "the governing body" - the holy of holies. Saw lots of printing machines and people being overworked with painted smiles. There was a little museum just to the right of the reception with CT Russell era stuff.

    The one in London wasn't interesting at all. I remember they made us watch a video before the tour started. Cant remember what it was about but something along the lines of it's a privilege to be here. But I got what I could out of it. At one of the printing presses there were orange magazines being churned out and the guide told us not to look at what they're printing because it's a new mag for the convention (it turned out to be the "Origin of Life" brochure).

    At the end of the London tour they took us to a room with thousands of books/literature in any language you could think of. People were taking random books as a souvenir.

    Looking back, the people working there must have been overworked and stressed. The guy who's job it was to chop the convention badges into rectangles day in, day out looked like he'd died inside.

  • ShirleyW

    I have to include my visit to Bethel when I was a kid back in the mid 60's, to show you how things have changed.

    After the tour and lunch we went back to this brothers room for a while, when it was time to leave, my father, who was an unbelieving mate back then was the last to walk out, so he asked before he shut the door, do you want to lock it, or use your key, whatever he said, but the brother said "we don't have to lock our doors around here"! My mother could hardly wait to get back to the KH and tell that story to everyone, like it was a good witness for my father to finally come into da troof. - smh, makes me sick just thinking about it.

    Btw, this visit was in either 1967 or 1968 and my father didn't get baptized until 1977, so I don't think that one little experience had anything to do with it. And as you know, now I"m sure Bethelites lock their doors now!!

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    The highlight of our tour was seeing a feather cleaning machine for their pillows. They actually rip open the pillows, deposit the feathers into the machine and then decant them back into an empty clean pillow case.

  • sir82

    The highlight of our tour was seeing a feather cleaning machine for their pillows.

    Well, given the recent video explaining that one of the biggest problems at Bethel involves unlawful carnal relations with pillows, that would have to be about the yuckiest job there. Maybe they use it as a punishment of sorts.

    "What's this, Brother Snerdly? You complained about the liver served at lunch again? Well, I think after a week of pillow feather disinfection, you'll be less quick to look down on Jah's provisions."

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