Watchtower May 2018

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  • zeb

    pixel. easy way etc

    Yes but that didn't apply to African people in Malawi .

  • OneEyedJoe

    One thing that stood out to me from the beginning of this story, that I don't think anyone has mentioned:

    One day, two JW girls [...] waved him over as he was driving his red convertible through town. He promised the girls that he would think about attending a book study.

    [...] In 1958 [...] he married one of those young ladies that invited him to the book study, Gloria.

    Were his eyes opened by learning that Jehovah was god's name, or was that just a detail that he picked up in the study in order to impress Gloria with how much he'd payed attention because he was hoping to hook up with her? This is one of the most common methods of cult recruitment out there - pull people in with attractive members of the opposite sex. Granted, JWs don't seem to do this on a coordinated basis, but the proportion of members that originally joined this way (along with those that originally joined after some traumatic experience - death, breakup, illness, etc - or after moving somewhere that they know no one) is quite telling. If it really were the truth, you'd think that people (especially ones that eventually find their way to the very top) would be joining out of sheer love of truth, not to hook up with a pretty girl or to make friends after they've relocated, etc.

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