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  • DesirousOfChange

    Seems like taking the easy way out. If we go by that logic, Witnesses back in the day could salute the flag just to "obey the law".

    The GB always thought it OK for YOU to get the crap beat of you or for YOU to get arrested, but by ignoring the laws on segregation, you'll note it says they might destroy the Kingdom Halls. THAT would cost the Borg money.

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    has it become watchtower practice to run these life stories of GB members...if so--why ? bit of idolatry?

  • Wakanda
    When will there be a Latino or Asian GB member?

    When he gives talks about women having a smaller cranium, thus showing they need to be controlled by men.

    That is how it works. Oh, we can't prejudge blacks? How 'bout gays, women, etc? Then we can bond on that hatred together with our new colored friends.

    Edit to say: Also, they probably had some feelers out before he was invited to the GB saying we need a black man or people are leaving!

  • cognisonance

    I can't help but wonder: was it him being duped by the so-called truth that attracted him to this cult, or the young lady that he ended up marrying? Maybe both. Still, makes you wonder...

  • FedUpJW

    It'd be a very dull world indeed.

    Almost like...dare I say it...the Kingdom Hall!

  • steve2

    The octogenarian on the seat is holding up her hand in a greeting gesture. Do they now allow JWs to try to catch passersby attention?

  • Xanthippe

    Why can't they talk to people when they're on these carts? We used to walk up to people in the street and talk to them. Is it against the law in the US?

  • Listener

    Stan Livedeath - they ran some articles a few years ago but didn't do all the GB members. Without a doubt it's shining the light on themselves, blowing their own horns. You would think that a more appropriate time to be doing this sort of thing would be at their appointment, not years later.

    Without fail, they fail to address the most important aspect of their appointment, their personal claim of being anointed.

  • Steel

    It' so ironic that people gave everything ( including their lives) in the civil rights movement in the 50s and 60s , to get rid those Bullshit Jim Crow laws.

    Yet if you were a Jehovah witness you would be disfellowshipped if you took a stand with those great men.

    Absolute parasites.

  • Listener

    Of all the tales he could tell he relates two experiences of using public toilet facilities, neither of which were of any consequence at all. I think this was an attempt to express the racism that he has had to deal with.

    I remember one time when we stopped at a gas station. After filling up the tank of our car, I asked the attendant if Gloria could use the restroom. He just glared at me and said, “It’s locked.”

    Really? There are numerous reasons why they don't want you using their restroom and many of them will lock it. We've been refused on the odd occasion and we haven't been to one for over twenty years simply because they border on being rude when you ask. It used to be law that they had to make it available and they didn't like it.

    Maybe they thought his wife was too butch looking with her male looking haircut, or it was the way he asked on behalf of his wife, why didn't she ask? But to relate this as an experience, I think, he is having a lend of his readers and the Watchtower for allowing him to relate it.
    I went to use the men’s restroom, and I noticed that a very rough-looking character, tattooed like a white supremacist, got up and followed me. But a white brother, far larger than either me or the rough-looking customer, came in after us. “Is everything all right, Brother Herd?” he asked me. The other customer left quickly without using the facilities.

    He states that the guy was tattooed like a 'white supremacist'. Surely you don't stop and relieve yourself if you think your life is in danger. You don't go into a public toilet without assessing your surroundings. There is always a risk whether your male, female, black, white, young or old. Cleanliness is an issue all of its own but safety is paramount.

    Maybe it would be more appropriate if he was to remind himself of what they have done in relation to the protection of children and what they plan to do.

    He uses a great portion of his life story discussing color but doesn't actually mention what his ethnic origin is.

    Another comment which is amusing and makes me wonder if he is having a lend of everyone is the way he describes his wife as being like the 'Hope Diamond'. This is hilarious when you look at what the hope diamond is and represents.

    From Wikipedia

    The Hope Diamond is one of the most famous jewels in the world, with ownership records dating back almost four centuries.....The Hope Diamond has long been rumored to carry a curse, possibly due to agents trying to arouse interest in the stone....It is classified as a Type IIb diamond, and has changed hands numerous times on its way from India to France to Britain and eventually to the United States, where it has been regularly on public display since....Since the Smithsonian acquired the gemstone, the "curse appears to have gone dormant."[10] Owning the diamond has brought "nothing but good luck" for the nonprofit national museum,..

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