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by Beachlover 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • Simon

    Perry - I deleted your insensitive crap before realizing that other people had quoted and responded to it.

    DO NOT post that shit again. We're not a publishing house for your delusions and it certainly isn't appropriate to spew that nonsense when someone is looking for help to get over the harm that nonsense causes. Consider this a final warning.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray
    "it certainly isn't appropriate to spew that nonsense"

    What does Perry say that isn't 'spewing nonsense'?

    I've never known so much verbal vomit...

  • Iamallcool

    Good 411. Thanks!

  • Crabby

    The best therapist is Jesus and his people, remember you have been brainwashed by Satans people. Find a church and explain to the Priest, Minister or Pastor what has happened and let Jesus find you

  • Beachlover

    Thank you all for you suggestions and encouragement I'm looking through the links and names suggested and will keep all updated on this journey. It's very hard to break free and move on when these teachings have become so ingrained in ones mind. Even though rationally I can see that it is a cult, my emotional side throws up walls to make me doubt myself and the decisions I'm making. They have planted the guilt and fear seed very deep as many on here can understand. Climbing out of this after decades of belief is exhausting without a hand up and some support

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    It can be a very traumatic experience. Just take one day at a time. You can't rush healing.

    One day you will notice that you feel different. It's then that you'll start living.

    Best of luck to you...

  • Perry


    Jesus healed many people during his 3 year ministry. His amazing healing powers were recognized by 1) secular historians,2) the Jewish religious leadership that hated him (his enemies) and 3) those that trusted him too. No one denied that his miracles were real. He is STILL in the healing and comforting business.

  • Finkelstein

    Jesus healed many people during his 3 year ministry

    Jesus isn't here right so we have to heal are selves on are own.

    What could help Beachlover more than anything is a dose of reality with a measure of human compassion.

    Religionists take ancient mythology as reality, that's what hurts people more than anything as well their mental stability , you known right Perry ?

  • Iamallcool

    Perry, Simon would probably say buh bye to you!

  • Perry

    When a person leaves the Watchtower, he is viewed as an enemy by current members. It is very tempting to repay evil for evil. I believe that Jesus teachings on love, forgiveness, boundaries etc., are all powerful weapons against tyranny. And that is what the Watchtower system is more than anything else - tyrannical thought police.

    Jesus taught us to look beyond the crime - "forgive them, they know not what they do."

    I believe that Jesus' teachings are powerful mechanisms for not only coping with tragedy like the kind the WT generates, but also in overcoming them and putting them under our feet where they belong and not over our heads as burdens.

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